Vikrant class aircraft carrier

Vikrant class aircraft carrier

The Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) (formerly known as Air Defence Ship (ADS)) is the first aircraft carrier to be built by India at the Cochin Shipyard. The steel cutting took place at Cochin Shipyard Ltd on 11 April 2005 [ [ India’s Quest for an Indigenous Aircraft Carrier] ] and the fabrication of the hull has started.This will be the largest and broadest ship ever built by Cochin Shipyard. The Cochin shipyard plans to complete eighty percent of works on the ship before its launch in 2010. [ [ First indigenous Air Defence Ship by 2010] ] The aircraft carrier is expected to enter service by 2012. [ [ Cochin Shipyard to build first indigenous aircraft carrier] ] but was delayed by a year due to non-availability of ABA grade steel from Russia. This led to the indigenous sourcing of the steel. [ [ Keel-laying of indigenous aircraft carrier in December] ] The early warning sensors and anti-aircraft missile capability of the first aircraft carrier is similar to that of the Kolkata class destroyers. A second ship in the series will be a 64,000-ton aircraft carrier which is expected to enter service by the year 2017. [Indian Navy eyes three-dimensional force to project power and stability in IOR - February issue,]


Laying of keel for India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC), originally named Air Defence Ship (ADS), will take place at the Cochin Shipyard in December this year when a major construction block will be lowered into the building bay.

According to source, they are looking forward to completing close to 400 of the total 900 blocks by the time the keel is laid. And the tonnage would be about 8,000 tonnes.

The idea is to launch it in 2010 when it would have completed some 20,000 tonnes, including hull, as it cannot be launched at a higher displacement from the building bay. After about a year’s building in the refit dock, it would be launched again when every major component and everything underwater would be in place. Only outfitting would remain. If everything goes as per the CCS (Cabinet Committee on Security) plan, it should touch the waters in 2013.

As per the original plan, the carrier would have the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and the ALH (Advanced Light Helicopter) Dhruv in its fleet of 30 assorted aircraft besides MiG 29 K and Ka-31.

By the time the IAC is commissioned, the naval Light Combat Aircraft (LCA Tejas) would also be ready. The STOBAR (Short Take-Off But Arrested Recovery) carrier will have a versatile deck from which any aircraft, MiG 29 downwards, could operate. [ [ Keel-laying of indigenous aircraft carrier in December] ]


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