Source of the Nile (board game)

Source of the Nile (board game)

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:"For the literal source of the Nile River, see Nile"

"Source of the Nile" is a board game by Ross Maker and David Wesely. It was released by Discovery Games in 1977 and re-released by Avalon Hill in 1979.

Set in the 19th century, the object of the game is to explore the interior of Africa, make an important discovery, and report it back to European civilization. The explorers must outfit their expeditions and choose a method of travel, be it canoe, camel or foot. At the outset of the game the map of the interior of Africa is blank. As explorers enter each unexplored hex, a card is drawn to determine the terrain and events, if any, that befall the explorers. Crayons are used to draw terrain on the map as it is discovered.

The explorers must confront dangers such as starvation, disease, river cataracts and hostile natives. The game is, in fact, highly lethal to explorers, but if a player loses an explorer he or she may create a new one who re-enters the game at a coastal port.

The player must choose a profession, and the amount of points a player gains for particular discoveries will vary depending on their choice. In particular:

*"Zoologists" get points for discovering animals.
*"Botanists" get points for discovering exotic plants.
*"Missionaries" get more points when dealing with natives.
*"Geologists" gain points for minerals.
*"Doctors" gain points for medicinal items.
*"Reporters" gain points for almost any encounter, even with other players.

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