Zinc stearate

Zinc stearate

Chembox new
Name = Zinc stearate
ImageFile = Zinc_stearate.png ImageSize = 250px
ImageName = Zinc stearate
OtherNames = zinc distearate
Section1 = Chembox Identifiers
CASNo = 557-05-1

Section2 = Chembox Properties
Formula = Zn(C18H35O2)2
MolarMass = 632.2 g/mol
Appearance = soft, white powder
Density = 1.095 g/cm³, solid
Solubility = insoluble
Solvent = alcohol
SolubleOther = insoluble
Solvent = ether
SolubleOther = insoluble
Solvent = benzene
SolubleOther = slightly soluble
MeltingPt = 120-130 °C
BoilingPt = decomposes

Section7 = Chembox Hazards
FlashPt = 277°C
Autoignition = 420°C
EUClass = not listed
NFPA-F = 1

Zinc stearate (Zn(C18H35O2)2) is a zinc soap that repels water. It is insoluble in polar solvents such as alcohol and ether but soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, e.g. benzene and chlorinated hydrocarbons when heated. It is the most powerful mold release agent among all metal soaps. It contains no electrolyte and has a hydrophobic effect. Its main application areas are the plastics and rubber industry where it is used as a releasing agent and lubricant which can be easily incorporated.


*As a synergic stabilizer for Ba/Cd and Pb stabilizer systems.
*As a gloss imparting agent in paint industry.
*As a metal release agent in rubber, polyurethane and polyester processing system.
*As a die release agent in powder metallurgy.
*As a chief ingredient in "fanning powder", used by magicians performing card manipulation to decrease the friction between the cards.


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