3rd Panzer Group (Germany)

3rd Panzer Group (Germany)

The 3rd Panzer Group was an army size unit which served as part of the Wehrmacht during World War II.

3rd Panzer Group was a part of Operation Barbarossa under Army Group Center. Later it served in Operation Typhoon, where it was placed under operational control of the Ninth Army.

Orders of battle

At the start of Operation Barbarossa the Group consisted of the XXXIXthe and LVIIth Army Corps (mot.).

2 October 1941

* Commander: Colonel General Hermann Hoth
* Chief of Staff: Colonel Walther von Hünersdorff
* XXXXI Motorized Corps under General of Panzer Troops Georg-Hans Reinhardt
** 1.Panzer-Division under Lieutenant General Friedrich Kirchner
** 36.Infanterie-Division (Mot.) under Lieutenant General Otto Ottenbacher
* LVI Motorized Corps under General of Panzer Troops Ferdinand Schaal
** 6.Panzer-Division under Major General Franz Landgraf
** 7.Panzer-Division under Major General Freiherr von Funck
** 14.Infanterie-Division (Mot.) under Major General Friedrich Fürst
* VI Corps under General of Engineers Otto-Wilhelm Förster
** 6.Infanterie-Division under Lieutenant General Helge Auleb
** 26.Infanterie-Division under Major General Walther Weiss
** 110.Infanterie-Division under Lieutenant General Ernst Seifert

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