St. Joseph's School - Pandacan

St. Joseph's School - Pandacan

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name =

motto = "Go to St. Joseph to Serve God and Country"
established = 1955
director = Rev. Fr. Nolan A. Que. Phd
city = City of Manila
state = Metro Manila
country = Philippines
address = Jesus St. Pandacan, 1011 Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone = +(63-2) 563-28-58/583-10-29
campus = 4 hectares
students = approx. 3,000
colors = Green
type = Run by the Archdiocese of Manila, Private, Filipino
affiliations= Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila, PAASCU
nickname = Josephan
website =
mediums = English, Filipino

St. Joseph's School - Pandacan, Manila (SJS) is a private parochial school operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. It is located in the district of Pandacan in the City of Manila, Philippines, established by Rufino Cardinal Santos, D.D. in 1955 to provide a school that would enable the children of Pandacan and its neighboring towns an opportunity to receive good Roman Catholic oriented education.

History of St. Joseph's School

The collaboration of Rufino Cardinal Santos, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ICM) who were also planning to build a school in Pandacan, and Sto. Niño Parish Priest Guilermo Mendoza led to the establishment of St. Joseph's School's very first building at the adjacent vacant lot ot the Sto. Niño Parish Church.

The school's first few years saw the rapid growth in the population of the school, and in 1959, under the direction of Sister Marie Alice Dieltiens, ICM, the school's first principal, a new building was built for the high school level, which would admit only female students.

The school's enrollment continued to grow, however, with some classes being held in make-shift classrooms in the Parish Office building. Thus, with the assistance of parents, the school was able to obtain a loan to build a new building. This annex to the high school building was blessed and opened on November 28, 1971 by Rufino Cardinal Santos with Bishop Bienvenido Lopez and Parish Priest Victor Serrano.

The ICM Sisters managed the school for anumber of decades. In 1993, when the Sisters' charism and mission were changed, with a focus on deploying their sisters abroad, the ICM Sisters informed Jaime Cardinal Sin, D.D., Manila's Archbishop, of their intentions to give up administering St. Joseph's School and turned over its management directly to the parish priest of Sto. Niño Parish.

In schoolyear 1994, after the introduction of a facilities improvement project to help elevate the conditions and teaching facilities of the school, the Sisters of the Missionary Apostles of Christ (MACE) were invited to help in the financial aspect of the administration of the school, as well handle areas of religious education. During the same year, the admission criteria were adjusted to accommodate male students in the high school department.

In 2002, the parish priest of the church gave up the directorship of the school to concentrate on parish work. The Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, appointed Fr. Nolan G. Que, Ph.D., to the post of School Director. Long time St. Joseph teacher Emolyn G. Guamil was appointed Assistant Director in 2004, while Elizabeth D. Mendoza was appointed Institutional Principal the same year.

In schoolyear 2005-06, the school opened its multi-purpose gymnasium at what used to be the location of the elementary school chapel. The new gym serves as the main facility for the various physical education-related programs of the school. Also during this schoolyear, Fr. Que was given the task of supervising other schools nearby, including Paco Catholic School, St. Peter the Apostle School, Ermita Catholic School, Pius the X School and Malate Catholic School.

For schoolyear 2007-08, the school is set to change its official school uniform colors for girls from navy blue (skirt and tie) to a dark red plaid (skirt and tie).

Directors of SJS from 1955 to present

*Guillermo Mendoza - 1955 to 1970
*Victorino Serrano - 1970 to 1986
*Felipe Ocol - 1986 to December1988
*Manny Sebastian - January 1989 to March 1989
*Severino O. Lorica - April 1989 to June 2002
*Nolan A. Que, PhD - July 2002 to present

Principals of SJS from 1955 to present


*Elizabeth D. Mendoza - 2005 to 2008
*Leonora T. Brazil - 2008 to present

Elementary Department

*Marie Alice Dieltiens, ICM - 1956 to 1967(also as an Administrator)
*Marina Picardal, ICM - 1965 to 1967
*Susana Belardo, ICM - 1967 to 1968
*Gloria Ymson, ICM - 1968 to 1969
*Purisima Pe, ICM - 1969 to 1970
*Lourdes Velasco, ICM - 1970 to 1977(also an Administrator during 1978 to 1993)
*Jovita Blanco - 1977 to 1987
*Adelia Jambalos - 1987 to 1990
*Elizabeth D. Mendoza - 1990 to 2004

High School Department

*Estrella Ache - 1958 to 1959
*Inocencia De La Costa, ICM - 1960 to 1962
*Corazon Mendiola, ICM - 1962 to 1963 (High School)
*Montserrat Agcaoili, ICM - 1963 to 1971 (also an Administrator from 1967 to 1970)
*Estrella Ache, ICM - !971 to 1973
*Cleof Bacon, ICM - 1973 to 1975
*Neriza Reyes - 1975 to 1986
*Emelyn Guamil - 1986 to 2004 (Assistant Director effective 2005)

Educational Philosophy

Saint Joseph's School believes in the potential of every student to become a useful member of the Church and the society by providing him/her with opportunities to be evangelized and be an evangelizer. The school recognizes the individual differences of its students. Through the guidance of the school administration and teacers, SJS students are formed to value the importance of work in every activity and program the school offers as it prepares them to become good Christian citizens.

Vision Statement

St. Joseph's School, a member of the Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools Association (MAPSA), is a a partner of the parish community of Sto. Niño in the evangelization and education of its members. It envisions itself as an instrument for the holistic formation of individuals through the delivery of quality basic education to the youth who will be servant-leaders of Church and Nation.

Mission Statement

Inspired by the love of the Sto. Niño for children, and guided by the virtues of Mary and Joseph, we, the members of the academic community of St. Joseph's School, commit ourselves

*To be "Just"
*To be "Obedient"
*To render humble "Service"
*To be "Enthusiastic" in everything
*To be "Pious"
*and "Honest" at all times.

Core Values

The school community promotes and lives by the following values:

*As individuals, to be disciplined, punctual, simple, obedient, honest, sincere, industrious, and diligent

*As persons of authority of the institution (administration, faculty, and staff), to observe respect and fairness, to show patience, tolerance, and understanding in dealing with students, and to be animators of love and concern;

*As students, to show respect for authority and a commitment to cleanliness and order and to aim for excellence;

*As members of the community, to be committed to service, to be loyal to the institution, to be compassionate in dealing with one another, to live as true messengers of the Church, and to be servant-leaders of the Nation, thus creating a community that truly serves God and Country.

Goals and Objectives

St. Joseph's School aims to create an atmosphere permeated by the spirit of the Gospel, as well as an environment that provides opportunities conducive to learning and to the formation of the individual, in order to realize its vision and fulfill its mission.

Specifically, St. Joseph's School aims:

*To integrate religion in all subject areas of its elementary and high school curricula;
*To maintain a high quality of instruction; and
*To preserve the harmonious and effective partnership of school, Church, and community.

chool Logo, Hymn & Newspaper

chool Logo

The logo of Saint Joseph's School is derived from its patron saint, Saint Joseph the Worker. Its symbols represent the following:

*The white lily symbolizes holiness and purity;

*The carpenter's saw signifies habitual diligence and hard work;

*The shield manifests protection and defense against evil.

The school aims to form the students according to the likeness of Saint Joseph. The three symbols in the logo aptly convey Saint Joseph's main character: pure, holy, and just; hardworking; and protector and defender against evil and harm.

chool Hymn (in Tagalog)


Ikaw ang aming paaralan, San Jose tunay naming mahal. Aming tagumpay sa iyo iaalay, Kahit aming abang buhay.San Jose mahal ka naminpagka't sa yo' kami hinabilin. Natamong karunungan sa yo' galing, Na naging tanglaw namin sa dilim.At kung kami'y nasa tagumpay na, Lagi ka naming maaalala,gintong aral na aming nakuha mananatiling lantay at maganda.San Jose, San Jose, Sadya ka ngang walang kapara.Kaya't diwa nami't dibdib, Ang sigaw... "Mabuhay Ka!"

* Music by: PROF. S. IMPERIO"'

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