Adrian Scott (Family Affairs)

Adrian Scott (Family Affairs)

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name= Adrian Scott
portrayer=Ariyon Bakare
death= --
status= Divorced
occupation=Oil Rig Worker
family= Darren, Becky

Adrian Scott was a fictional character in UK soap opera "Family Affairs", played by Ariyon Bakare from 2000 until 2001

About Adrian

Adrian first appeared in March 2000, whilst being visited in prison by his ex-wife, Nikki Warrington and their son Darren. Adrian was serving a sentence for being an accomplice to armed robbery. On his release, Adrian moved in with Sadie Hargreaves and began working at Dusty's store and caught the eye of Yasmin Matthews whose husband, Josh had recently walked out on her.

Adrian tried to remain on the straight and narrow, but was tempted back into a life of crime by his friend Wayne in June 2000. Adrian was arrested after Wayne had framed him, but released when the police captured Wayne.

As time went on, Adrian grew closer to Yasmin, after Josh's death at the hands of local Publican Pete Callan. He supported her through her miscarriage and they later began dating. Adrian's daughter Becky welcomed Yasmin, but it was harder to get through to Darren who had always dreamed Nikki and Adrian would get back together.

Sometime in late 2000, Adrian discovered Nikki was having an affair with her stepson Luke and became so incensed that he took Darren and Becky to live with him and his parents in Tottenham. Becky later returned to Charnham that Christmas when the affair secret was exposed after her stepsister Sara had caught Luke and Nikki in bed together.

In February 2001, for Darren's 13th Birthday, Adrian, Yasmin, Luke, Nikki, Darren, Becky and neighbours Benji McHugh and Gemma Craig went on a holiday to a secluded country retreat. Whilst there, Adrian was looking for an old friend or so he lead everyone to believe...

It transpired that Adrian was looking for Malcolm, the man who had raped him in prison. Nikki just managed to stop Adrian from taking revenge, after he'd exposed the sordid details to Malcolm's wife.

Adrian and Nikki then had a short fling, unbeknownst to Luke and Yasmin.

One day, during a moment of weakness, Adrian and Nikki kissed in the store, but were caught by Yasmin's aunt Pearl who subsequently sacked Adrian.

Adrian eventually found work in another convenience store. One night some teenage thugs attacked the owner and Adrian. Adrian saw the open till and saw his opportunity to take the money and took it while phoning for an ambulance. Adrian was recognised as a hero, but the guilt began to get to him and he paid the money back anonymously.

Adrian subsequently left Charnham in May 2001 to work in Ireland on an oil rig. Becky and Darren frequently visited him on holidays.


*Son: Darren Scott
*Daughter: Becky Scott

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