Distort Entertainment

Distort Entertainment
Distort Entertainment
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founder Greg Below
Genre hardcore punk
Country of origin  Canada
Location Toronto, Ontario
Official Website teamdistort.com

Distort Entertainment is a Canadian independent record label based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada[1]. The label specializes in hardcore punk bands such as Alexisonfire and Cancer Bats and metal bands such as Johnny Truant, but also represents lighter music with its sister division (Distort Light) such as Bend Sinister.



Formed by Greg Below, (concert promoter and owner of Distort Productions) and Mitch Joel, (music journalist and publicist) in early 2002, Distort began by producing New Jersey's Step Kings' third release, 3 The Hard Way. The label's slogan "Listen Harder" was soon formed and showed Distort's specialization in heavy music.

In 2002, Below's full time employment as a studio manager with EMI publishing Canada later helped to jump start Distort by opening the door to a distribution partnership with EMI Music Canada. Although Distort is admired for its independence in the industry, it wanted to be associated with the well respected quality for which EMI had become known.[2]

Now quite established, Distort Entertainment is a well-known Canadian label, and back some of the most respected bands in the heavy music industry.

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