caption=Firelord featured on the cover of Avengers #258 (vol. 1, Aug. 1985) Art by John Buscema.
real_name=Pyreus Kril
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Thor" #225 (vol. 1, Jul 1974)
creators=Gerry Conway
John Buscema
previous_alliances=Heralds of Galactus, Nova Corps, United Front
aliases=Nova Centurion
powers=Use of Power Cosmic|

Firelord (Pyreus Kril) is a character in the fictional Marvel Universe. The character was created by Gerry Conway and John Buscema, and first appears in Thor #225 (vol. 1, Jul 1974).

Fictional character biography

Pyreus Kril was born on the planet Xandar, in the Andromeda Galaxy. He is a graduate of the Nova Corps Academy, the military and exploratory force of the planet Xandar. During his commission, he served aboard a Xandarian ship under the command of Gabriel Lan. Gabriel and Pyreus became friends, until Gabriel was abducted by the cosmic entity Galactus and transformed into the herald the Air-Walker. Pyreus assumes command as captain and begins an obsessive search for Gabriel. Pyreus eventually locates Galactus' vessel and confronts the entity, only to discover that Gabriel was killed in combat. Galactus tells this to Pyreus only after the Xandarian agrees to serve him as his latest Herald. [Seen in flashback in "Thor" #306 (vol. 1, Apr. 1981)]

Pyreus is then transformed into Firelord, and after a period of servitude asked for his freedom. Galactus agrees on the condition that Firelord first find a replacement. Firelord travels to Earth and after an encounter with the Thunder God Thor and Hercules is freed when Thor presents Galactus with the armour of the Asgardian Destroyer to animate and use as a Herald. [Thor #225 - 226 (vol. 1, Jul. - Aug. 1974)] After aiding Thor on several occasions [Thor #227 - 228 (vol. 1, Sep. - Oct. 1974); #232 (vol. 1, Feb. 1975); #246 - 247 (vol. 1, Apr. - May 1976)] Firelord returns to deep space. He returns months later with the Shi'ar agent Erik the Red, who tricks Firelord into battling the X-Men. ["Uncanny X-Men" #105 - 106 (vol. 1, Jun. - Aug. 1977)(bi-monthly)]

Several years afterwards Firelord discovers that Thor has battled a robotic replica of the Air Walker, ["Thor" #305 (vol. 1, Mar. 1981)] and after revealing the origin of the two Heralds to Thor returns to space with the remains of the android. ["Thor" #306 (vol. 1, Apr. 1981)] Firelord later encounters Spider-Man ["Amazing Spider-Man" #269 - 270 (vol. 1, Oct. - Nov. 1985)] and the superhero team the Avengers, and assists them against the space-pirate Nebula. ["Avengers" #258 + 260 - 261 (vol. 1, Aug. + Oct. - Nov. 1985)] Firelord has since aided his fellow Herald the Silver Surfer on a number of occasions, ["Silver Surfer" #19 (vol. 3, Jan. 1989)] particularly against the threat of Morg, Galactus' most brutal Herald. ["Silver Surfer" #74 - 75 (vol. 3, Nov. - Dec. 1992)] Firelord also assisted Thor in his battle against the Titan Thanos and his thrall, the Mangog. ["Thor" #20 - 25 (vol. 2, Feb. - Jul. 2000)]


Firelord battles the Annihilation Wave alongside his fellow Heralds, including Red Shift and Stardust. Although wounded at one point, Firelord recovers and now seeks vengeanace against the remnants of the forces of Annihilus as they destroyed his home-world of Xandar. ["Annihilation" #1 - 6 (2006) + "Annihilation: Silver Surfer" #1 - 4 (2006)]

Powers and abilities

Pyreus Kril was a normal man until transformed by Galactus. Given mastery over the cosmic flame, Firelord wields a flaming staff and is capable of energy projection via his eyes and staff. Like all Heralds, the Power Cosmic provides Firelord with superhuman strength, reflexes and durability, mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum and total immunity to the rigors of space. Firelord is also capable of travelling faster than the speed of light.

Pyreus Kril graduated from the Xandarian Nova Corps Academy, and in addition to a thorough knowledge of combat has knowledge of advanced alien technology and space navigation.

Other versions

Guardians of the Galaxy

In the 31st century of Earth-691, Firelord is an ally of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He is known as "Protector of the Universe", but does not wear the Quantum bands traditionally assigned to the holder of the role. ["Guardians of the Galaxy" #4 (vol. 1, Sep. 1990)]

Heroes Reborn

Firelord serves Galactus alongside his fellow Heralds, with the entire group being worshipped by the Inhumans. ["Fantastic Four" (Heroes Reborn) #9 (vol. 2, Jul. 1997)]

Marvel Zombies 2

Firelord appears as one of the "cosmic zombies' who return to Earth 40 years after the original infection. His jaw is broken so he can't speak. He is killed by The Hulk when he tries to stop him from eating the last survivors of the human race. ["Marvel Zombies" #1 - 5 (2007 - 2008)]

Other media


Firelord appears in the 1994 "Fantastic Four" episode "Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus" Pt. 2 voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.


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