Trautmann is a surname of German origin and may refer to:
* Andreas Trautmann, German soccer player
* Bert Trautmann (born 1923), German football (soccer) goalkeeper
* Catherine Trautmann (born 1951), French politician, mayor of Strasbourg
* Gene Trautmann (born 1966), drummer
* Richard Trautmann (born 1969), German judoka
* Thomas Trautmann, American historian
* William Trautmann, founding General-Secretary of the U.S. Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Trautman is the surname of
* Andrzej Trautman (born 1933), Polish mathematical physicist
* Donald Walter Trautman (born 1936), bishop of the Diocese of Erie
* George Trautman (1890-1963), American baseball executive and a college men's basketball coach
* George J. Trautman, III, commanding general of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (1MAW) of the United States Marine Corps
* Col. Samuel Trautman, a fictional character of "Rambo: First Blood"

ee also

* Troutman

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