Gabès Governorate

Gabès Governorate

Gabès Governorate ( _ar. ولاية قابس) is one of the twenty-four governorates (provinces) of Tunisia. It is located in south-eastern Tunisia. It covers an area of 7,175 km² and has a population of 343,000 (2004 census). The capital is Gabès.


The governorate of Gabès is located in southeast Tunisia on the coast of the Gulf of Gabès, 376 km south of the capital, Tunis.

It has some small cities, such as:
*New Matmata
*Menzel el Habeeb

Gabès has a hot Mediterranean weather. Gabès offers five contrasting landscapes: the beach, the mountains, the desert, small forest, oasis.


The most famous tourist site in Gabès governorate is Matmata. Matmata is one of the rare cities in the world that is still in its original state. Gabès is famous for its mountains and natural places.

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