Ivy (disambiguation)

Ivy (disambiguation)

Ivy without qualifiers usually means plants in the genus "Hedera" in the family Araliaceae. It may also refer to:

*Boston ivy, "Parthenocissus tricuspidatus", in the grape family Vitaceae
*Ground ivy, one of the species of the mint genus "Glechoma"
*Poison ivy, a plant in the genus "Toxicodendron" in the family Anacardiaceae
*Swedish ivy, a plant species in the genus "Plectranthus"

*Andrew Conway Ivy (1893-1978), American doctor
*Bill Ivy (1942-1969), British motorcycle racer
*Bob Ivy, stunt performer
*Corey Ivy (born 1977), American football player
*Gregory Ivy (1904-1985), American art professor
*Hardy Ivy (1779-1842), American settler
*Khori Ivy (born 1978), American football player
*Mortty Ivy (born 1985), American football player
*Pop Ivy (1916-2003), American football player and coach
*Ivy (band), a trio of musicians from New York City
*Ivy (singer), a singer from Korea
*"Operation Ivy (band)" is a punk band

*The Ivy League, an association of prestigious American universities
*"Ivy" (film), a 1947 film starring Joan Fontaine
*Ivy (motorcycles), a motorcycle manufacturer
*Apache Ivy, a dependency manager for Java
*Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, a fictional character from the Soul series of fighting games
*"The Jesuit Ivy", a nickname for Boston College, Massachusetts
*Operation Ivy, a pair of nuclear tests in 1952
*The Ivy, a restaurant in London, England
*Ivy Mike, was the code name given to the first test of a successful fusion device, detonated on October 31, 1952
*a nickname for the female given name, Ives
*"Ivy", a book by Julie Hearn

ee also

*Poison ivy (disambiguation)

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