Dave Matthews (Family Affairs)

Dave Matthews (Family Affairs)
Dave Matthews
Family Affairs character
Portrayed by Richard Hawley
Duration 1998-2000, 2003-2005

born= -1957-

Occupation Minicab Driver

David (Dave) Matthews was a fictional character in UK soap opera Family Affairs, played by Richard Hawley. Dave first appeared in Charnham in 1998 before moving away in 2000. He then returned in 2003 and stayed until 2005.



Dave first appeared in Charnham in late 1998 along with wife Cat and his son from his first marriage, Josh, who he had left to face his debts. Initially an extramarital love interest for local resident, Annie Hart, Dave soon turned his attentions to her adult daughter Holly.

Dave and Holly had secretly planned to elope together the day after the wedding of Holly's sister Melanie. This never evantuated as Holly, along with most of the other Hart family members, were all killed in a boat explosion during the wedding reception. Dave kept the relationship with Holly secret for some time, but Cat was later horrified to learn of it from Dave.


Marital problems

Dave and Cat's marriage went through several rough patches; including Dave suffering from Multiple Sclerosis Cat leaving Dave for Pete Callan and falling pregnant and Dave faking his own death. In Early 2000, Cat gave birth to Dave Matthews Jr, who after a DNA test was revealed to be Pete's son.

Further grief

In August 2000, Josh was murdered by Pete Callan, who had framed his then-wife Siobhan for the deed. Dave had known all along that Pete had killed Josh, rather than Siobhan. Unfortunately, Dave had no way of proving it. Josh's death also hit Josh's pregnant widow Yasmin Green, very hard.


In November 2000, Pete had paid Dave, who had been separated from Cat at this point, to give evidence in court painting Cat as an unfit mother. Dave, never one to miss an opportunity to get one over on Pete, took the money and testified in Cat's favour, leaving Pete livid and out of pocket. Dave quickly left Charnham, evading Pete.


In February 2003 Dave's Daughter-in-law Yasmin received word that Dave had been arrested and needed bail. Yasmin paid his bail and Dave was released, returning to Charnham where he resumed his rivalry with Pete and continued his dodgy deals.


Within a matter of weeks Dave's new stepson Jake Walker returned and the two formed a close bond. Jake was soon arrested following a car accident which killed Robert Davenport and Fern Farmer.

Enter Cheryl

Following Jake's accident and attempts to flee Charnham, Dave met DC Cheryl Barker, the officer involved and they began dating and eventually living together. Dave and Cheryl's relationship was continually tested by Dave's protensity to act outside of the law sometimes. After Interference from Cheryl's boss and ex-lover, DI Patrick Grenham, Dave and Cheryl broke up and Cheryl left to live with her mother in Spain after quitting the force.

Eileen Callan

Dave had always fancied Eileen Callan, Pete's fourth wife. Dave found himself dragged into her dark plot to frame Pete for arson which got out of hand. In Late 2004, after Pete had discovered the plot and had thrown Eileen into the River Thames, Dave and Eileen were together for several weeks until she crushed him by returning to Pete.


Becoming disillusioned with life in Charnham, Dave decided to leave for Scotland in 2005. Jake agreed to come with him. They both made offers for their respective loves Eileen, and her daughter Lucy Day to come with them but Pete intervened at the last minute and attacked Dave. In the end, Eileen declined and decided to remain in Charnham with Pete and Lucy wasn't going to leave Eileen alone with Pete. Dave said an emotional goodbye to ex-wife, Cat who he had maintained a friendship with despite their divorce. Dave and Jake then left Charnham, Lucy joined them several months later.

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