Austin Great Wall Chinese School

Austin Great Wall Chinese School

The Austin Great Wall Chinese School (AGWCS) is a Austin, Texas based school that teaches Mandarin (Chinese). It teaches subjects from from the arts to yoga in a goal to "embrace Chinese culture." The student population at AGWCS is not limited to native Chinese, but has classes orientated to non-speakers.

Board Members

The AGWCS board members are a group of volunteers that help run the school. The following are the current board members (as of Spring 2006):
*Zheng, Yan -- Principal, Overall activities
*Li, Yue -- Assistant Principal, also teacher and teaching activity
*Xiang, Jeannie -- Academic Dean, also teacher and teaching activity
*Wei Wei -- Parent/Teacher Association Coordinator
*Zhang, Cindy -- Treasurer
*Zuo, Haiyan -- Secretary of External Affairs
*Luo, Ning -- Web Master, Web development and administration

The 2004-05 year consisted of the following board:
*Jiang Jun -- Principal
*Song Xiao -- Assistant Principal.
*Tang Ying -- Assistant Principal
*Wang Zhu -- Treasurer
*Wu Long Guang (Frank) -- Webmaster
*Luo Wei -- External Affairs
*He Yan -- Teaching programs and requirements


Currently, classes are divided into in-school classes and afterschool classes. The regular classes are normally linguistics and adult orientated classes (such as Tai Chi) while the afterschool classes are for the students and include such classes as Art (there are four levels of experience). Classes are held from 2PM to 3:50PM CST on Sundays while the afterschool classes are held from 4:00PM to 5PM.

Classes are set up by semester so for an entire year of education, one must sign up for both fall and spring semesters. Books and other materials must also be bought by the students/parents.

Throughout both semesters, there are occasional holidays that either results in no class or a festival being held on campus.

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