Winter sport

Winter sport

A winter sport is a sport commonly played during winter. As a formal term, it refers to a sport played on snow or ice, but informally can refer to sports played in winter that are also played year-round like basketball. The main winter sports are ice hockey and figure skating, sledding events such as luge, skeleton, and bobsleigh, skiing (Alpine and Nordic) and snowboarding. Other common winter sports include snow-blading, monoskiing, skwal and tobogganing.

List of winter sports

Ice skating

See also team sports. Sports with asterisks denotes that it is included in the Olympics, as of the 2006 Turin Olympics.

* Figure skating *
* Short-track speed skating *
* Speed skating *
* Synchronized skating
* Xtreme Ice Skating - A sport more closely related to Extreme Inline Skating.


* Freestyle snowboarding *
* Alpine snowboarding *
* Boardercross *
* Slalom *


Sports in which skis are used on snow.

* Alpine skiing *
* Biathlon *
* Cross country skiing *
* Firngleiten
* Freestyle skiing *
* Newschool skiing
* Nordic combined *
* Ski archery
* Skiboarding
* Skibob
* Skijoring
* Ski jumping *
* Snowshoe
* Speed skiing
* Telemark skiing


Sports that use sleds going down ice tracks or pulled by something.
* Ice Blocking
* Bobsleigh *
* Luge *
* Skeleton *
* Wok racing
* Dogsled racing

Team sports

Sports that involve teams, played on ice.

* Bandy
* Broomball
* Curling *
* Ice hockey *
* Ice stock sport
* Ringette
* Sledge hockey - (Winter Paralympic Sport)
* Snowball Association - (Last one standing).

Recreational sports

Some 'sports' are competed (or simply enjoyed) on a more casual basis, often by children.

* Ice boating or Ice sailing
* Tobogganing
* Snowball fight
* Building snowmen
* Shinny
* Ice swimming
* Ice fishing

Famous Winter sport resort regions

* Andes
* Rocky Mountains
* Alps
* Snowy Mountains
* Karkonosze Mountains/Sudeten mountains
* Lapland
* Appalachian Mountains
* Carpathian Mountains
* Balkan Mountains
* Swiss Alps

See also

Winter Olympic Games.

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