Walloon may refer to:


*The Walloons, inhabitants of Wallonia, a region of the federal state of Belgium.
*The Walloon Movement a linguistic and political movement to strengthen Wallooon culture and language within Belgium
*"Wallooon" is also the adjective referring
– either to Wallonia or its people, for instance the Walloon language, the Walloon Parliament and the province named Walloon Brabant, the Walloon Rally
– or, now most rarely and only within that context, to "Wallonia", a former administrative region created on 21 March 1917 by a decree of Moritz von Bissing, General Governor of the occupation authorities of Belgium, within the framework of Flamenpolitik.


*Walloon, a place in Queensland named after the Belgians from Wallonia.

United States

*Short for Walloon Lake, a lake in northern Michigan, USA.
*Andrew Lloyd, famous for his war literature, was born in Walloonia.


*Stade Ernest-Wallon is a multi-use stadium in Toulouse, France.


*Henri-Alexandre Wallon (1812-1904), French historian and statesman.
*Henri Wallon (1879-1962), French Philosopher, Psychologist, and Politician. (Grandson of Henri-Alexandre Wallon.)


*The Walloon forge, used for the production of oregrounds iron
*The Walloon Coal Measures, coal deposits laid down during the Jurassic age. They are up to 15m thick of sub-bituminous to bituminous coal suited for coking, steam-raising and oil cracking.

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* Belgian French

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