Global Digital Currency Association

Global Digital Currency Association

The Global Digital Currency Association (or GDCA) is a trade association of electronic money operators, digital currency exchangers, merchants and users.

The GDCA is a nonprofit organization of business professionals operating in the global electronic money economy. Founded in 2002, it is one of the oldest and largest commercial associations of the digital currency economy. There are two categories of listings in the GDCA: listed businesses and accredited members. The GDCA has members and listed businesses whose operations cover a wide spectrum of services and commercial activities in the global digital currency economy.

Listed businesses are those companies who have come to the attention of the GDCA by virtue of their operating a commercial enterprise in the global digital currency economy. Listed businesses are added to the GDCA database by the Auditing/Investigating Committee because they are important participants in the global digital currency economy; and it would benefit the general public by listing them in the GDCA’s directories, and having information available about their business practices and progress as it pertains to integrity, reputation and customer service.

Accredited members are listed businesses (and individuals) who have taken a proactive interest in the GDCA by applying to the GDCA for accreditation and, after approval and their agreement to abide by the GDCA constitution, placed an appropriate logo to the GDCA on their home page so that their clients may view their operating history and business practices pertaining to integrity and customer service.

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