Greater Noida

Greater Noida

Greater Noida (GN) (Hindi: नोएडा, Urdu: نویڈا /Noyḋā/) is a sub-city of Delhi lying south-east to it. Situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Greater Noida falls within the National Capital Region of India and is adjacent to NOIDA, one of the largest industrial townships in Asia.


Greater Noida is home to a number of Indian and foreign multi-national companies. There are number of private educational institutions as well, and thereby it is also known as the Educational Park.To add on to this a number of never heard of things are in plan which include a "night safari".A 18hole golf course called the jaypee golf course is the benchmark for indian golf courses is present in greater noida.An Airport is also proposed in the javer village of greater noida.Gautan budh university has alredy been inaugrated.Greater noida is gearing up for the 2010 common wealth games.

How To Reach

Greater Noida is located 23 km from Noida (Amity Crossing), reachable via Noida-Greater Noida Expressway (the second expressway in India). Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is a six lane express highway which will form segment of the Taj Expressway linking Greater Noida to eastern Uttar Pradesh. Greater Noida can also be reached using the an older road, called Dadri road, which is quite crowded and passes through many villages and small settlements.Another way to greater noida is through the noida phase 2 road which is quite a common road to follow.


In the early 80s Government realised the rate at which Delhi is expanding would create a chaos. So they planned to develop residential as well as industrial areas around the capital to ease the burden of sudden development on the capital. The two areas identified were Gurgaon(bordering Haryana) and NOIDA(bordering Uttar Pradesh). Since the whole process was started with a focus in mind, the city(some call it) of NOIDA had an initial planning for all its infrastructure and utilites. The 90s saw a huge growth in the economy of India, resulting in large population migrating to the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Noida was developed with keeping in mind that it will be able to accommodate the growth for next 20-25 years, But with the rate at which people were moving to Delhi, it was overloaded with 15 years. The Govt of UP at that point came up with the idea of creating Greater NOIDA, extension of NOIDA but with ever better and strict planning. The idea was to create a world class city or ever a better city. The city was planned approx 25 km from NOIDA and had plans of having its own Railway Junction and international Airport. A city which will not depend of Delhi and other areas for anything. The city developed initially at an extremely fast rate but due to the political instability in the state, the development slowed down appreciably.

Greater NOIDA is a township with a difference. Roads are wide and service lane for every major road. The sectors are named using Greek alphabets e.g. alpha, beta, ghamma etc. All cabling is underground. It is planned to be connected to Delhi by 2016 through Delhi metro.


* The India Expo Center which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a vast exhibition Center with facilities to hold international standard exhibitions.
* The Gautam Budhha University
* Parichowk
* Golf course
* Moser Baer
* Yamaha Motors
* LG Electonics

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