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Origin = New Orleans, Louisiana
Genre = Heavy metal, doom metal, southern metal, hardcore punk, black metal, death metal, groove metal, thrash metal, sludge metal, stoner metal
Occupation = Musician, vocalist, songwriter, producer
Instrument = Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano
Years_active = 1983-present
Label = Housecore Records
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Philip Hansen "Phil" Anselmo (born June 30, 1968 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American musician who is best known as being the frontman for the metal band Pantera. He is currently the frontman for sludge/stoner metal band Down. He is also the owner of Housecore Records, a record company he started with the intention of releasing his lesser known projects on.

Early life

Much of Anselmo's early life remains undocumented at this time, with only hints revealed in songs like "25 Years", "Becoming", and sporadic pieces popping up in interviews. What is known is that Anselmo grew up in the inner city of New Orleans to an abusive alcoholic father who operated several bars in the area, and is currently operating a restaurant in Metairie, LA called Anselmo's.cite web|url=| title=Philip's dad's restaurant
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-04-09
] He played in several bands as a teenager, the most notable of which being "Razor White".

Anselmo has said in various interviews that he was very quiet and secluded as a child. During a 2002 Ozzfest interview with radio show "Opie and Anthony", Anselmo stated that, at the age of 14, he started a fire in his home to scare his sister but accidentally burned the house down in the process.cite web|url=
mode=Article&newsitemID=36142| title=Phil interview at ozzfest 2002 with Opie and Anthony
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-06-18
] With no education or family Anselmo committed his life to music. He was involved with the New Orleans heavy metal scene in the early to mid-80s, playing several gigs with Razor White (primarily a metal cover band that specialized in Judas Priest and would release an album in 1991) prior to joining Pantera in 1987.

Phil Anselmo has a brother named Jerry Anselmo. Jerry is currently residing in New Orleans and owns a venue named Jerry's. He also has a known half-sister named Rebecca Colclough. She has been credited as a backup singer on the Southern Isolation EP, a project on which Anselmo and then wife Stephanie Opal Weinstein collaborated. He also has a pet Rottweiler called 'Dracula'.

He spent some time working on shrimp boats as a younger man.cite web|url=| title=Biofile quiz with Phil Anselmo
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-04-09
] At the age of 14, Philip started/joined the band Samhain (not to be confused with Glenn Danzig's band of the same name). The name being inspired by Philip's love and taste for horror films. From the early to mid 80s, Philip was a member of the band 'Razor White'. While they did have some original material, they mainly played Judas Priest covers. Philip gained general gig experience and gained a reputation as being a good frontman. In fact, Charles England (Roadie, Soundman, Engineer and Producer) said that he remembered seeing Philip play some shows while in Razor White and said that while he himself was a 'Die-Hard' Judas Priest fan, Philip actually performed some Priest songs better than Rob Halford.cite web|url=| title=Philip's Razor White days
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-04-09


Joining Pantera

While Pantera were still a small, unsigned Glam Metal band, with three self-released albums to their name, they were beginning to adopt a harder sound. This new direction was the complete opposite of their singer Terrence Lee who was primarily a 'Glam Metal' singer. He would be unable to deliver the goods so the band decided to replace him. Seeking a new frontman to continue on this heavier path, the band were led to a 17 year old Anselmo. In 1987 after just a few meetings, the band just clicked with Anselmo and added him to the now legendary Pantera lineup. The band were so impressed with Anselmo that they decided to re-record some of Terrence Lee's vocals for their latest release. Philip relocated to Texas to record Power Metal which the band released in 1988 on the bands own record label 'Metal Magic Records'. Pantera were turned down 28 times by major labels and in the end just decided to tour and have fun instead of worrying about it. Vinnie Paul commented that their glam image wasn't responsible for their success, and that they should just dress casually. The band dropped the glam image and adopted a 'jeans and T-shirt' approach. Finally the band were scouted when a record label scout was stranded due to a hurricane. The band saw him at the gig and were disheartend when he left mid-set. It turned out he went to phone the record label and to tell them to sign Pantera ASAP. After a demo, the band recorded what many consider to be their 'debut', Cowboys from Hell in 1990 and a long tour began. Some of this insane tour was documented on the bands first home-video, released in 1991.

Vulgar Display of Power and side projects

Philip remained active during any spare time and in 1992 he recorded a 3 track demo tape with his long time friend Kirk Windstein (Of Crowbar) under the name Down. The importance of this demo was still unknown to Philip as he continued with Pantera. In New Orleans it is not uncommon to be in 2 or 3 or even more bands at any one time. Many are just jam bands while others are more significant.

In 1992 Pantera recorded Vulgar Display of Power and it is largely accepted that they more or less perfected their genre, 'Power Groove'. More touring followed and Pantera began to seriously pull in the crowds. That same year Pantera released a promo called Hostile Mixes which contained 4 songs, 3 of which were remixes. The first two were done by Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh and the last was done by J. G. Thirlwell of Foetus.

Back home in New Orleans where Halloween is almost considered to be more important than Christmas by many, Philip decided that he should create something that little bit better than an average Halloween party. So along with Steve Joseph, Ross Karpelman and Jay Gracianette he started the House of Shock. Initially it began in Jay Gracianette's back yard but over time it evolved and is now a world famous attraction. Around 5 minutes away from New Orleans, it consists of a very large warehouse that has been converted into an interactive haunted house with a 300+ member strong volunteer workforce. Due to Philip's seemingly endless touring, he now plays the role of part time actor when his schedule permits.cite web|url=| title=Creation of The House Of Shock
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-04-09
] In 1993, Philip produced Crowbar's self titled album and recorded backing vocals on some of the tracks. He then recorded some more tracks for Down and created an 11 song demo album. Again this band was only in its 'embryonic' stage so it wasn't very important yet. Finally Philip's main focus Pantera, released its second home video Vulgar Video and various Ep's and singles. Pantera were now becoming a bit special.

Housecore Records and Anton Crowley persona

Philip creates his own record label called 'Housecore Records' to release his many side projects and other bands he supported.cite web|url=| title=Philip's record label 'Housecore Records'
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-04-09
] He used the name Anton Crowley for many of these projects, it comes from 'Aleister Crowley' (British occultist) and 'Anton LaVey' (Founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan). For a time Housecore was merged with Baphomet Records owned by Philip's friend and ex bandmate Killjoy of Necrophagia forming Baphomet/Housecore Records. They have since split.cite web|url=| title=Housecore and Baphomet records end partnership
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-04-09

Panteras mainstream breakthrough

The same year Pantera hit the big time with Far Beyond Driven, it debuted at no 1 and was the most extreme album ever to do so. Pantera also released a box set and some Ep's and Singles. Pantera were now the self proclaimed 'Kings Of Metal' and were now surpassing many of their own influences. Then in late June, Anselmo was charged with assault for hitting a security guard after he prevented fans from getting on stage, Anselmo was released on $5,000 bail the next day. [cite news | url=,0EAF97EAAE9DA721.html | title=DARIEN LAKE CONCERT FRAYS NERVES AGAIN BAND'S SINGER CHARGED WITH ASSAULT |publisher=Buffalo News | date=June 29, 1994 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2008-04-06] [cite news | url=,0EB47798D28863CB.html | title=N.O. native, Pantera singer, arrested in guard's assault |publisher=The Advocate | date=October 26, 1994 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2008-04-06] [cite news | url= | title=Pantera Singer Assault |publisher=Daily Herald | date=July 1, 1994 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2008-04-06] The trial was delayed three times. [cite news | url=,0EAF9825A7209AA9.html | title=ROCK SINGER ASSAULT CASE ADJOURNED FOR THIRD TIME |publisher=Buffalo News | date=October 26, 1994 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2008-04-06] In May 1995, he apologized in court and pleaded guilty to attempted assault and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service. [cite news | url=,1010DE6F85D7B491.html | title=The Scuttlebutt |publisher=Salt Lake Tribune | date=May 12, 1995
first= | last= | accessdate = 2008-04-06
] [cite news | url=,0EB6EA90E5CEB00C.html | title=PANTERA SINGER CHANGES HIS TUNE |publisher=Grand Forks Herald | date=April 21, 1995 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2008-04-06]

First sideprojects

In 1994 Philip created Christ Inversion, a death metal band with lyrics inspired by his passion for Horror movies. They recorded a 6 track demo tape called Obey The Will Of Hell. In 1995 Philip recorded a 10 track demo tape with Christ Inversion called 13th Century Luciferian Rites. They then disbanded due to other band commitments. That year saw Down finally releasing a debut album. NOLA was very well received and Down became a kind of 'Super-band'. The name NOLA come from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Finally, Philip started a new project called Superjoint Ritual and recorded a 7 track demo tape. Philip played guitar on this demo as there were no vocals on this demo. The name 'Superjoint Ritual' comes from a Darkthrone song 'The Pagan Winter'. In 1996 Philip recorded guitars on 2 songs ("Van Full Of Retards" and Manowar's cover "Gloves Of Metal") and contributed vocals/backing vocals on 18 songs for Anal Cunt's 40 More Reasons to Hate Us album. Later, Philip recorded backing vocals for some tracks on Crowbar's Broken Glass album.

Pantera also released a new album called The Great Southern Trendkill as well as another box set. Inner tension was growing within Pantera as Anselmo's back pain had led him to the use of heroin as a painkiller. This was the first album where he recorded his vocal tracks at a different studio than the rest of the band.

Heroin overdose

On July 13, 1996, at the 'Coca-Cola Starplex' in Dallas Texas, Anselmo went into cardiac arrest from a heroin overdose after a show.

"I, Philip H. Anselmo, immediately after a very successful show in Dallas injected a lethal dose of Heroin into my arm, and died for 4 to 5 minutes. There was no lights, no beautiful music, just nothing. And then after 20 minutes (from what I heard later) my friends slapped me and poured water over my head all basically trying to revive me. The paramedics finally arrived and all I remember is waking up in the back of an ambulance. From that point on I knew all I wanted was to be back on the tour bus, going to the next gig. Instead I was going to the hospital where I was released very shortly. You see, I'm not a heroin addict. But I am (was) an intravenous drug abuser. The lesson learned here is that every nightmare ever heard about, and or, heroin is terribly true. And for my friends and family as well as myself and our fans (Pantera, Down Etc.), I since then have recovered completely, the Pantera Tour uninterrupted. I intend to keep it that way! Special Thanks to my Family and Friends who supported me, and the fans who pump me up to the hilt. One message to everyone in this fucking world. I am not a weakling groping for sympathy. I WILL NOT DIE SO EASILY! I'm here to piss off the music press for a long time to come.

Very Sincerely,Philip Anselmo"

He subsequently discussed his problem in interviews but his drug use would still be a point of contention within the band.

Offical Live: 101 Proof and other sideprojects

In 1997 Philip and Pantera released their first and only official live album called . Later they released their third and final home video called 3 - Watch It Go.

Also that year Superjoint Ritual recorded its second demo, the 10 track '1997 Demo Tape'. In 1998 Anthrax released the album . Philip provided backing vocals on track 8 'Killing Box'. Also his Pantera bandmate Dimebag played guitar solo's on tracks 3 (Inside Out) and 7 (Born Again Idiot).Also that year he joined a death metal band called Necrophagia, he played guitar on the album Holocausto de la Morte under his pseudonym Anton Crowley. As well as singing backing vocals on Soilent Green's 'Sewn Mouth Secrets' album. Finally that year Philip sang a duet (By The River) on Vision of Disorder's Imprint album.

In 1999 Necrophagia released a 4 track Ep called 'Black Blood Vomitorium' on which Philip again played guitars under the name of Anton Crowley. Finally Philip started a new band in the style of Darkthrone called Viking Crown. It featured Anton Crowley (Aka Philip) on Guitars, Bass and Drums, Killjoy on vocals and Opal Enthroned (Stephanie Opal Weinstein) on keyboards. They released Unorthodox Steps of Ritual in 1999 but it is said that the album was actually recorded in 1994. The idea for Eibon was conceived in the summer of 1998, when Maniac (Of Mayhem) and Killjoy (Of Necrophagia) decided they wanted to work together. Soon after Fenriz (Of Darkthrone), Satyr (Of Satyricon), and Philip joined and the nucleus of the band was formed. Their MySpace page lists their influences as Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Slayer, and Possessed. Maniac soon left to focus on Mayhem but the others continued to record on and off for a while. The band have since disbanded due to tour schedules of their Primary bands. Their unfinished album has been dubbed by fans as "Eibon - The greatest black metal album never released". In 2000 one complete track titled 'Mirror Soul Jesus' was released on the 'Moonfog 2000: A different perspective' compilation album. Another track simply called 'Rough Mix' can be heard on their MySpace page.

Also in 2000 Tony Iommi released an album of collaborations with various well known vocalists. Initially Philip was going to co-create an entire album with Iommi but due to tour schedules it never happened. Philip did however manage to lay down some tracks for this album. Iommi and Philip wrote and recorded 3 tracks together, 'Time Is Mine', 'The Bastard' and a third unknown track. Iommi picked 'Time Is Mine' for the album. 'The Bastard' was never officially released but can be found online (YouTube for example). The third unknown track is now highly sought after by fans of both artists.cite web|url=| title=Tony Iommi and Philip collaberate
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-04-09

Also that year Pantera released its third and final home-video. Later they released their final studio album called Reinventing The Steel. The title seems to pay homage to Judas Priest's British Steel album. This album featured a guest guitar solo by Kerry King of Slayer on the outro of the second track 'Goddamn Electric'. Two lines in that song also pay tribute to 2 of the Pantera's favourite bands "Your trust is in whiskey and weed and Black Sabbath it's goddamn electric" / "Your trust is in whiskey and weed and Slayer it's goddamn electric".

That year also saw Philip's black metal band Viking Crown release its second album called Innocence from Hell. The 11 track album saw Killjoy take lead vocals, Stepanie Opal Weinstein on keyboards and Philip on guitar, bass, drums and backing vocals. In 2001 Philip provided vocals for "HFFK" on Biohazard's Uncivilization album. Also that year Necrophagia released it's last Ep with Phil in the band, called Cannibal Holocaust.

Marriage with Stephanie Weinstein

On the 31st of October (Halloween) 2001, Philip married his long time girlfriend Stephanie Opal Weinstein. That same year they created an acoustic band called Southern Isolation. The band released one E.P. called Southern Isolation. It contained four songs to start with but was later re-released with a fifth bonus track. The band consisted of Stephanie Opal Weinstein on vocals and guitars, Philip on vocals, backing vocals and guitars, "Big" Ross Karpelman (Of Clearlight) on keyboards and Sid Montz (Of Crowbar) on drums. The band disbanded following Philip and Stephanie's divorce in 2004. One rare track called 'Faded' has been credited to Southern Isolation on the Manson Family Soundtrack which s due to be released on Philip's Housecore label.

Main focus on Superjoint Ritual

In 2002 after Down released a second sampler, they released their second full album called . The title is taken from a line in Led Zeppelin's song 'Stairway to heaven'. It was recorded in just 28 days in Philip's home studio ("Nodferatu's Lair"). By now the band were considered by fans and critics alike as a super-band. Also that year Philip releases Superjoint Ritual's first album called Use Once and Destroy. Two videos were made for 'The Alcoholik' and 'Fuck your Enemy' which both ended up on the live DVD Live In Dallas, TX 2002. Anselmo toured this band and obviously began to give serious thought to making it his main priority.

In 2003 Pantera released it's best of called or in Europe. The album featured songs from all 5 studio albums, also including two cover tracks: Hole In The Sky written by Black Sabbath and Cat Scratch Fever written by Ted Nugent. A bonus DVD was also made, containing all the bands music videos. After much speculation, later that year Pantera was disbanded as Dimebag and Vinnie Paul claimed that Anselmo had abandoned the band and failed to even communicate with them about the issue. Dimebag and Vinnie waged war with Anselmo via the media while Rex remained a neutral figure. Dimebag and Vinnie formed Damageplan and began to search for a singer.

Philip hit back at his former bandmates and released Superjoint Ritual's second full album called A Lethal Dose of American Hatred. He then publicly stated that he was 100% focused on Superjoint and that no other bands mattered. He even shouted 'Pantera is dead!' at live shows. Again two videos for 'Waiting For The Turning Point' and 'Dress Like A Target' both turned up on the band's second DVD called . In 2004 Christ Inversion released their last album called To Lord Lucifer My First Born. Philip has since promised to re-release the earlier demo's.


Also in 2004 Philip divorced his wife Stephanie Opal Weinstein. Later that year Stepanie auctioned off some items she was given by Philip over the years they were together.cite web|url=| title=PHILIP ANSELMO's Ex-Wife Auctioning PANTERA Memorabilia
date= | work= | accessdate=2008-06-18
] The comment on Ebay for the items said, "To all of you who question my motives for putting items on eBay — RELAX — these are things that will mean more to you than me. I simply am keeping those possessions and memories that I wanted. There's nothing more to it. Thanks & enjoy!".

Late in the same year ex-Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott was killed onstage.

Pantera's break up

After a rumored fallout within Superjoint Ritual, Philip put the band to sleep. With that, rumors surfaced that Anselmo had okayed the Down revival. Sure enough rumors were true. So in 2007 they released which saw a fresh, healthy and more importantly, sober Anselmo return to form. The album deals with many issues and topics including Hurricane Katrina and tragic loss of Dimebag Darrell. In fact, one song called 'Mourn' is about how Philip waited for days in a hotel room to see if he could attend Dimebag's funeral. Rita Haney and Vinnie Paul never allowed him to do so. Anselmo would remain as frontman until disbandment in 2003. Over the course of six studio albums, one live record and a , Anselmo and Pantera were twice nominated for a Best Metal Performance Grammy, in 1995 and 2001.

Disputes with Abbot brothers

Shortly after Pantera went into hiatus, Anselmo devoted much of his time to a long-time side project, Superjoint Ritual. Having heard this, the Abbott brothers (Dimebag & Vinnie) formed Damageplan with former Halford guitarist Pat Lachman on vocals and Bob Zilla on bass. Some fans blame Anselmo for the break-up of Pantera, because of statements in the heavy metal press. Phil himself has stated that some journalists publish what they think sells magazines best. Also, the Abbotts publicly called Superjoint Ritual "Superarmdope Ritual." Pantera bassist Rex Brown, widely known as being the one neutral voice in the matter, has repeatedly called the feud "a bunch of silly nonsense" and "just he-said she-said bullshit," blaming both sides for the split.

While Philip remains the 'villain' in the Abbott/Anselmo dispute, a comment he made suggests that Rex's point of view was correct. After Vinnie Paul slammed 'Superjoint' and said Phil couldn't even keep his eyes open, Philip said, "I just hear a big and sad yellowbelly crybaby fuckin' knowing that his meal ticket is in a different fuckin' band, and... [long pause] You would have to know those guys to really understand where I was coming from, they're scared of their own fuckin' shadows. And, all that said, I wish them the best of fuckin' luck, I still love 'em."Fact|date=August 2008. Anselmo had engaged in a war of words with Abbott since the fall of Pantera, culminating in the statement "Dimebag deserves to be severely beaten" in the December 2004 edition of the UK's "Metal Hammer" magazine. Initially he denied making the statement (this coming after Dimebag's death on December 8), but later changed his story in a VH1 "Behind The Music" special on Pantera, claiming that the comment had been light-hearted and made after the interview was finished. However, Vinnie Paul told the press that he had heard the audio files of the interview and that Anselmo had not been coerced by the "Metal Hammer" journalist into making the statement, and nor had he been misquoted. In a video posted to the website community YouTube, Anselmo describes his regret over previous behavior, [ [ YouTube - phil anselmo giving statement about the murder of dimebag ] ] and has written and recorded music dealing with the loss of Dimebag on the new Down record, "". On the new Down tour, the band has dedicated the song "Lifer" to Dime.

Chillout, Detox, Rehab and Cleanout

In 2002, Anselmo decided to clean up his act, and began using methadone to overcome his heroin addiction. Yet in his first media interview for "Revolver" magazine, Phil claimed that the muscle relaxant Soma (Carisoprodol) and Methadone still messed with him and made him sound "retarded." This is when he made the decision to get clean completely, and has been clean since that year, stating in a recent Revolver interview that he has quit drinking though he still smokes marijuana recreationally. He also underwent a successful back operation in the fall of 2005.

Recent activities

It was revealed in a recent "Revolver" article that Phil Anselmo and several of the guitarists from Down and Superjoint Ritual rented out a club in New Orleans, LA. They did so to hold a sort of youth group and teach children how to play jazz guitar. This was part of Phil's effort to help revitalize the ravaged New Orleans music scene.

On Sunday March 11, 2007, Phil and the rest of the members of Down kicked off the Heaven & Hell tour in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Down played 11 shows across Canada during the month of March. Their March 13 show in Edmonton AB, March 14th show in Calgary AB, and March 16th show in Regina SK, were cancelled due to Phil having a throat infection.

Down rejoined the Australia leg of the Heaven & Hell tour as the opening band. "" was released September 25, 2007 followed by a US tour with Canadian dates scheduled in Vancouver and Toronto.

inging style

Phil Anselmo has a broad vocal range that has been emulated by a number of vocalists. During his early Pantera days, Anselmo sung in falsetto on many of the songs from "Power Metal" and "Cowboys From Hell", such as "Down Below" and "Shattered", influenced by singers like Rob Halford. He also used clean, melodic singing, as heard in "Cemetery Gates" from "Cowboys from Hell" and "Hollow" from "Vulgar Display of Power". As time went on, his vocals became more harsh and aggressive, which is particularly evident on "Far Beyond Driven". When it came to "The Great Southern Trendkill", Phil's voice focused on being extremely harsh for the most part with some growl parts, using more layered vocal tracks than on previous albums. The aggressiveness is evident in songs such as "War Nerve" and "Suicide Note Pt. 2"; although, songs like "10's" and "Suicide Note Pt. I" are more melodic exceptions. Phil's vocal timbre and range falls within the baritone category.


He is a hardcore punk, metal, and thrash fan citing the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Venom, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Prong, Led Zeppelin, Celtic Frost, Eyehategod, Darkthrone, Soilent Green, early Metallica, Alice in Chains, Sepultura, Crowbar, Biohazard as major influences.Fact|date=September 2008 Anselmo pays tribute to his favorite two bands in the lyrics of Pantera song "Goddamn Electric", singing "your trust is in whiskey and weed and Black Sabbath/Slayer."

Discography and Filmography


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