Scheduling is the process of deciding how to commit resources between a variety of possible tasks. Time can be specified (scheduling a flight to leave at 8:00) or floating as part of a sequence of events.

Scheduling may refer to:
* I/O scheduling, the order in which I/O requests are submitted to a block device in Computer Operating Systems
* Scheduling (broadcasting), the minute planning of the content of a radio or television broadcast channel
* Scheduling algorithm
* Scheduling (computing), the way various processes are assigned in multitasking and multiprocessing operating system design
* Scheduling (production processes), the planning of the production or the operation
* Schedule (workplace), ensuring that an organization has sufficient staffing levels at all times
* Project Scheduling, which builds on prior project planning, and includes the design, development, maintenance, and usage of a project schedule.
* Job scheduler, an enterprise software application in charge of unattended background executions.
* Job Shop Scheduling, an optimization problem in computer science.

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* Schedule
* Notation for theoretic scheduling problems

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