Italian Labour Union

Italian Labour Union

Infobox Union
name= UIL
country= Italy
affiliation= ITUC, ETUC, TUAC
members= 1,923,885 (2005)
full_name= Italian Labour Union
native_name= Unione Italiana del Lavoro

founded= 1950
office= Rome, Italy
people= Luigi Angeletti, general secretary
website= []

The Italian Labour Union (UIL) is a national trade union center in Italy. It was founded in 1950 as Socialist split from CGIL. It represents more than 1,9 million workers.

The UIL is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation, and the European Trade Union Confederation.


*cite book
year = 2005
title = Trade Unions of the World
editor = ICTUR et al,
edition = 6th
publisher = John Harper Publishing
location = London, UK
id = ISBN 0-9543811-5-7

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