Isochrysis galbana

Isochrysis galbana

"Isochrysis galbana" is a microalga. It was first identified by Bruce, Knight and Parke (1939) and was shown to be an outstanding food for various bivalve larvae. It is now widely cultured for use in the bivalve aquaculture industry.

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* [] Ultrastructural study and lipid formation of Isochrysis sp. CCMP1324 (pdf)

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* [] Effects of Variations in Daylength and Temperature on Net Rates of Photosynthesis, Dark Respiration, and Excretion by Isochrysis galbana Parke. (pdf)

* [] Expression of the Isochrysis C18-{Delta}9 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Specific Elongase Component Alters Arabidopsis Glycerolipid Profiles(pdf)

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