Emmaus (charity)

Emmaus (charity)

Emmaus (French: Emmaüs; Spanish: Emaús) is a homeless charity founded in France in 1949 by the priest Abbé Pierre and now run by énarque Martin Hirsch. The charity is involved in numerous activities around the world, but in the UK it provides would-be homeless people with a home and a job, usually sorting and reselling donated goods. The name of the organization is a reference to the biblical story of the supper in the town of Emmaus, described in the Gospel of Luke (Chapter 24).

The organization's goals can be found in the Universal Manifesto of Emmaus International [Emmaus International: [http://www.emmaus-international.org/images/stories/01_qui/05_texte_ref/statuts_2003_df_an.pdf Statute and founding text] , includes Universal Manifesto. Retrieved 21 April, 2008.] :

"Our guiding principle is one which is essential to the whole human race if there is to be any life worth living, and any true peace and happiness either for the individual or society: Serve those worse off than yourself before yourself. Serve the most needy first."

Emmaus in the UK

Existing sites

Emmaus Cambridge, in Landbeach, was a site converted from several barns and was the first Emmaus community to be established in the UK. It was opened by Terry Waite on 1 July 1992.

Emmaus Greenwich, in Plumstead, was converted from an unneeded children's home, and was opened by Prince Charles on 29 November 1994, in the presence of Abbé Pierre and Robert Runcie.

Emmaus Mossley, in Greater Manchester, was converted from a former cotton waste mill, Longlands Mill. The building was empty and becoming derelict when it was bought by Emmaus in 1996. The building, still called Longlands Mill, also houses the Mossley Industrial Heritage Centre, which records the history of the cotton industry in Mossley.

Proposed site in Bradford

Terry Waite, president of Emmaus UK, has proposed converting a former church on the Shipley Airdale Road in Bradford into an Emmaus site. [cite web |title=Waite plans homeless centre |url=http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/newsindex/display.var.1689915.0.waite_plans_homeless_centre.php |accessdate=2007-09-14]

People involved or associated with Emmaus

*HRH The Duchess of Cornwall
*HRH The Duke of Kent
*Richard Branson
*Tracy Edwards
*Terry Waite


External links

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