Ed Dorn

Ed Dorn

Edward Merton Dorn (April 2, 1929December 10, 1999) was an American poet and teacher often associated with the Black Mountain poets.


Edward Merton Dorn was born in Villa Grove, Illinois and studied at the University of Illinois and at Black Mountain College (1950-1955). At Black Mountain he came into contact with Charles Olson, who greatly influenced his literary worldview and his sense of himself as poet. Dorn's final examiner at Black Mountain was Robert Creeley, with whom, along with the poet Robert Duncan, Dorn became included as one of a trio of younger poets later associated with Black Mountain and with Charles Olson. [The book "The Lost America of Love", by Sherman Paul, celebrates this relationship, as did the Charles Olson conference held under Paul's direction at the University of Iowa in 1978, in which Dorn, Duncan, and Creeley were the only poets participating among a flurry of academic literary scholars. Dorn is now considered by some commentators to be the inheritor of Olson's bardic mantle, the transmittee of the lamp.]

In 1951, Dorn left Black Mountain and travelled to the Pacific Northwest, where he did manual work and met his first wife, Helene; they returned to the school in late 1954. After graduation and two years of travel, Dorn's family settled in Washington state. His first book, "The Newly Fallen", was published by Amiri Baraka's Totem Press in 1961.

Dorn's main work, his magnum opus, is "Gunslinger". "Gunslinger" is a long poem in four sections. Part 1 was first published in 1968, and the final complete text appeared in 1989. Other important publications include "The Collected Poems: 1956-1974" (1975) and "High West Rendezvous: A Sampler" (1997).

Dorn died of pancreatic cancer on December 10, 1999 in Denver, Colorado. His papers are collected at the University of Connecticut.

Dorn's teaching career

During his life, Dorn taught at a number of institutions of higher learning, including Idaho State University at Pocatello (1961-65); the University of Essex, Great Britain (1965-1970) as a Fulbright lecturer; Northeastern Illinois University at Chicago (1970-1971); Kent State University, Ohio (1973-74); and the University of Colorado (1977-1999). His second wife, Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, was an Englishwoman he met during his Essex-years.

In the early 1970s, as a visiting poet at Kent State University, Dorn, along with British poet and editor Eric Mottram, was a mentor and supporter of the musical group Devo, and its founders Gerald Casale and Bob Lewis.



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* [http://robmclennan.blogspot.com/2006/04/deep-in-dorn-country-stepping-into.html "Deep in Dorn Country: stepping into the poetry of Ed Dorn"] Rob McLennan's blog entry here provides another jumping off point for Dorn, including more useful links on the web. See also McLennan's entry here [http://robmclennan.blogspot.com/2006/07/verse-book-of-interviews-i-recently.html July 22, 2006] for a further discussion of Dorn
* [http://earthwithcity.blogspot.com/2007/05/what-is-not-permitted-is-recognition.html "What is not permitted is recognition": Dorn visits "Dog"] poet Stephen Baraban quotes extensively from a Dorn reading/visit/lecture during the school year 1979-80 at SUNY Buffalo: "Dorn was one of the best & most focused of all the visitors. His sly discourse, and the subsequent Q&A, was gripping--he had come carefully prepared with striking contentions".
* [http://www.bigbridge.org/chapbook.htmLOW COUPS AND HAUT COUPS] an electronic chapbook by Dorn
* [http://www.pnreview.co.uk/cgi-bin/scribe?file=/home/pnreview/public_html/members/pnr178/articles/178ar07.txt Ed Dorn's Theatre of Impatience] , a short essay by John Muckle from PN Review

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