The Imperial Gazetteer of India

The Imperial Gazetteer of India

"The Imperial Gazetteer of India" prepared by Sir William Wilson Hunter from 1881 onwards is an important historical reference book. It was Sir Willian Wilson Hunter who made the original plans of the book, starting in 1869. [ [ Preface] ]

The 1931 "New Edition" has four encyclopedic volumes covering the geography, history and economics of India—and 20 volumes of alphabetically arranged gazetteer, listing places' names and giving statistics and summary information about each [ [ the Imperial Gazetteer in a digital book form] ] .


The first edition of "The Imperial Gazetteer of India" was published in nine volumes in 1881. A second edition, augmented to fourteen volumes, was issued in the years 1885–87. A revised form of the article on India, greatly enlarged and with statistics brought up to date, appeared as an independent volume in 1893, under the title of "The Indian Empire: Its Peoples, History, and Products."

All of these were edited by the late Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.I., who formed the original plan of the work as far back as 1869 [ [ Preface] Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 1, p. v.] .

A parallel series of publications known as the "Imperial Gazetteer of India: Provincial Series" were prepared.

The book has been made partly available online at [ Digital South Asia Library] .


* Meyer, William Stevenson, Sir, 1860-1922.
* Burn, Richard, Sir, 1871-1947.
* Cotton, James Sutherland, 1847-1918.
* Risley, Sir Herbert Hope, 1851-1911.


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