Space Bridge

Space Bridge

In Marvel Comics's "Transformers" comic and cartoon, the Space Bridge is a device used by the Decepticons to travel between different planets, usually between Cybertron and Earth.


Generation One

The Space Bridge was created by Megatron in Transport to Oblivion, as a method of transporting stolen Energon cubes from Earth to Cybertron.

The TV series' version of the Space Bridge was a metal ring which created a portal/vortex above it, sucking in its cargo, and sending it to Shockwave's receiving station on Cybertron. It also had a curious habit of teleporting across Earth, appearing in different positions throughout the series.

The Space Bridge was no longer featured in the series after season two, although similar mechanisms, known as Warp Gates, were featured in season three (It did feature in the early episodes of though, along with an Autobot Space Bridge).

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

A different kind of Space Bridge is featured in the series. This version is a global transit network, designed by the Autobots and utilising Transwarp technology to enable them to get to any place on earth almost instantaneously.

Transformers Energon

A Space Bridge is featured in Transformers Energon. It is a ramp-like mechanism that is used to teleport between the various Autobot installations in earth's solar system.

Transformers Cybertron

In Transformers Cybertron, the Space Bridge was an ancient form of transit, activated by the combined power of the Omega Lock and the Cyber Planet Keys. At the series' end, a new Space Bridge was seen under construction.

Transformers Animated

A new version of the Space Bridge has appeared in . This version has been built by the Autobots. It is a fork shaped device which, when activated, enlarges into an interdimensional gateway. Along with the Allspark, it was the greatest advantage the Autobots had over the Decepticons during the war. In season two, Megatron plots to create his own version of the Space Bridge, which will enable his Decepticons to invade Cybertron. In the two-part finale "A Bridge Too Close", the Space Bridge is completed, but is overloaded when Megatron uses two pieces of the Allspark to power it. It malfunctions, creating a vortex that sucks in Megatron and Starscream's head leaving the two stranded in empty space. Only the sacrifice of Omega Supreme, who absorbs the excess transwarp energy, closes the bridge.


In the Transformers comic, the Decepticon warlord Straxus commissioned the creation of the Space Bridge so that his warriors could join with their brothers on Earth.

Although the Space Bridge's precise method of operation has never been explained, it appears in the comic as two halves of a large, metallic bridge, with some sort of subspace tunnel connecting them. The Decepticons (or their prisoners) walk onto one end of the bridge on one planet, and when they reach it's middle point, the subspace tunnel teleports them onto the opposite end on another planet.

According to early issues of the comic, the Space Bridge was originally constructed from the body of an imprisoned Autobot scientist named Spanner. After a failed attempt by Blaster to put him out of his misery, his final fate was left unknown ["Transformers" US#24/UK#69] .

Though tactically vital to collaboration between the Decepticon forces on the two planets, the Space Bridge was also a heavy liability. It was difficult to defend against sabotage, and very hazardous to use; any combatant falling into the space on either side of the bridge was immediately destroyed. While in the throes of insanity, Megatron even used his fusion cannon to blast the bridge in an apparent suicide bid.

The Space Bridge was eventually discarded in favour of the Trans-Time Dimensional Portal, a far safer, more efficient method of travel.


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