Mission from Mount Yoda

Mission from Mount Yoda
Mission from Mount Yoda
Author Paul Davids and Hollace Davids
Cover Artist Drew Struzan
Country USA
Language English
Era New Republic era
Series Jedi Prince
Galactic Year 5 ABY
Canon C
Subject(s) Star Wars
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Bantam Skylark
Released 1 February 1993
Media Type Paperback
Pages 95
ISBN ISBN 0-553-15890-2
Preceded by Zorba the Hutt's Revenge
Followed by Queen of the Empire

Mission from Mount Yoda is the fourth book of the Jedi Prince series by Paul Davids and Hollace Davids, and was released in February 1993. It's preceded by the novel Zorba the Hutt's Revenge and followed by the novel Queen of the Empire.


With Trioculus imprisoned in carbonite, the Moffs meet in Kadann's Chamber of Dark Visions to hear his new prophecy on the leadership of the Empire. Kadann spoke in quatrains, prophesying that Trioculus would never again get the blessing to be leader, the new leader is on Duro and finally about the last days of the Rebel Alliance. As the Moffs concoct a plan to retrieve Trioculus' body and destroy it, Luke, Leia and Han fly to Dagobah. The rebels began to colonize Dagobah by building a school, which Ken is to attend, and a fortress that served as the Defense Research and Planetary Assistance Center, DRAPAC. DRAPAC was based on Mount Yoda, and was the subject of Kadann's prophecy

When the dragon pack,
Perched upon Yoda's stony back,
Receives a visitor pierced by gold,
Then come the last days of the Rebel Alliance.

While there, a Duros, Dustini, brings news that the planet Duro is under attack by Imperial stormtroopers, who are stealing artifacts. Though he managed to save some, one was a golden crown that was booby trapped and stabbed Dustini, seemingly fulfilling the prophecy. As the Rebels send a mission to Duro to stop the Empire, the Moffs destroy the block of carbonite, only to discover it was fake and Trioculus was still alive. In a secret cavern on Duro, Luke, Han and Ken finally encounter Triclops, the true son of Emperor Palpatine. Though the Imperials attacked trying to abduct Triclops, with his help the rebels escaped and brought Triclops back to DRAPAC, with him promising to bring down his father's Empire.


The Rebel Alliance


The Empire

  • Trioculus
  • Grand Moff Hissa
  • Supreme Prophet Kadann
  • High Prophet Jedgar
  • Zorba the Hutt
  • Defeen
  • Assassin Droid
  • Triclops

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