HMAS Nestor (G02)

HMAS Nestor (G02)

HMAS "Nestor" (G02) was an N-class destroyer of the Royal Australian Navy laid down by the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Limited, at Govan in Scotland on 26 July 1939, launched on 9 July 1940 and commissioned on 12 February 1941.

She was manned by Australians and commissioned in the Royal Australian Navy but remained the property of the British Government.

Operational history

"Nestor" escorted North Atlantic convoys, participated in the pursuit and destruction of the enemy German battleship Bismarck in May 1941, escorted Malta convoys in the Mediterranean, engaged in escort duties in the South Atlantic, attacked and sank the enemy German submarine "U-127" off Cape St. Vincent on 15 December 1941, screened the heavy ships during the bombardment of Bardia, escorted the aircraft carrier HMS "Indomitable" in the Indian Ocean, and served with the 7th Destroyer Flotilla in the Mediterranean.


On 12 June 1942, "Nestor" was one of 56 warships that sailed from Haifa and Port Said as part of Operation Vigorous. "Vigorous" was the codename for a vital supply convoy to Malta: 11 merchantmen carrying food and fuel to support Allied operations from the island, which "Nestor" and the other warships were to escort.

At 18:00 on 15 June, shortly after receiving word that another convoy launched at the same time from Gibraltar had reached Malta, an Axis aircraft bombed "Nestor". The bombs straddled the destroyer, causing heavy damage to her boiler rooms. "Nestor" was taken in tow by HMS "Javelin", but at about 05:30 the next morning (16 June), with the destroyer then sinking by the nose, it was decided to scuttle her. The crew was transferred to HMS "Javelin" and "Nestor" was sunk at about 07:00 by depth charges. "Nestor" was the only major RAN ship to never visit Australia.

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