African Unification Front

African Unification Front

The African Unification Front is an organisation aiming to promote the political, social and economic union of Africa. Abbreviated AUF.


AUF was formed in August 1996. The current president of the AUF is Caroline Kamau. The AUF advocates for transformation of Africa into a federation, with the Pan African Parliament as the highest government, overseeing key institutions including a single currency, and one all-African army. The AUF promoted the creation of the African Union, and continues to advocate for an end to neocolonialism. It has also been active in campaigns against the abuses by the diamond industry, weapons traders, and unfair terms of trade in the coffee industry.


The AUF National Committee is the body that elects the AUF president. As AUF president Dr. Kamau is a stautory member of the AUF Executive Committee, the body that implements policies and oversees the day-to-day administration of the AUF. Caroline Kamau has been responsible for initiating and organizing several AUF strategies, including the AUF's Fairtrade Coffee Campaign that pushed for reforms in the coffee industry.

The AUF, also known as the African Front, consists of a worldwide network of supporters, who believe that Africa must be unified into a federation as a means of securing peace and an end to wars and poverty. Although most members of the AUF are Africans, membership is open to non-Africans.

In the PAP

Following the creation of the Pan African Parliament, the AUF became the first All-African (continental) political party. Several PAP members are also members and supporters of the AUF.

AUF members who have served in the Pan African Parliament include Dr. Amani Walid Kabourou from Tanzania, Chrispin Mwitila Shumina from Zambia, and Ms. Loyce Bwambale from Uganda. Other influential supporters of the AUF include Dr. André Action Diakité Jackson, who is an AUF National Committee Member [ AUF National Committee Members] , AUF National Committee page] African Unification Front and chairman of the ADC & ADPA [ ADPA, the African Diamond Council’s intergovernmental branch formally constituted in Angola] , Diamond Intelligence Briefs/Tacy Ltd. ] in Luanda, Angola; John Atta-Mills the former vice president of Ghana, Alhaji Yahaya Ndu who is also a member of the AUF National Committee and the president of the African Renassaince Party in Nigeria, Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh, head of the Sierra Leone People's Democratic League (PDL), and Dr.Miria Matembe, [ [ (AUF) ] ] formerly chair of the Pan African Parliament's Rules Committee and a close ally of AU President Gertrude Mongella.


The Maure is used as the AUF's flag and emblem.

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