Meeting house

Meeting house
A secular meeting house in the U.S. state of Vermont is primarily used for a town meeting.

A meeting house describes a building where a public meeting takes place. This includes secular buildings which function like a town or city hall, and buildings used for religious meetings, particularly of some non-conformist Christian denominations.


Secular meeting houses

In New England towns in the United States, there are meeting houses which serve as a sort of town or city hall, and are used for public meetings, voting, and town offices.

A meeting house may have a dual purpose as a place of worship and public discourse, as in early American Puritan congregations.

Religious meeting houses

Many non-conformist Christian denominations distinguish between a

  • Church, which is used to refer to a body of people who believe in Christ
  • Meeting house or chapel, which refers to the building where the church meets

Christian denominations which use the term "meeting house" to refer to the building in which they hold their worship include:


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