Ra (disambiguation)

Ra (disambiguation)

RA or Ra can refer to:;People
* Registered Architect, a designer who is licensed by a government to practice architecture
* Research assistant, a graduate student employed by a college or university for the purpose of academic research
* Research associate, a post doctoral academic researcher
* Resident assistant, a college student charged with supervising students living in a residence hall
* Royal Academician a member of the Royal Academy, also known as the "Royal Academy of Arts"
* Ra (Stargate), a character from the film "Stargate", based on the Egyptian god.
* , a creature in Scandinavian mythology
* Alternate spelling of Roua, a Polynesian deity
* Ra (artist), the pseudonym of Raoul Sinier, a french digital painter and electronic musician
* Ra, a nickname, and US based signature couture fashion clothing line endorsed by Robin Arcuri, a supermodel and actress
* RA The Rugged Man

* Registration authority, maintenance agency is a body given the responsibility of maintaining lists of codes
* Regulatory Affairs, a department in charge of government relations within regulated industries
* Regular Army, the permanent force of the United States Army that is maintained during peacetime
* Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA), as used by its sympathizers ("The 'RA")
* Rage Against the Machine, rock band from L.A.
* Rise Against, melodic hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois, USA
* Rowing Australia, the governing body for the sport of rowing in Australia.
* Royal Artillery, a Corps of the British Army
* Ra (Norwegian band), a Norwegian psytrance act
* Ra (U.S. band), an American rock band

* RA Nightclub at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas
* Robert Academy, the name for the former college section of Robert College of Istanbul
* Rolling Acres, a dead mall in Akron, OH
* Roosevelt Academy, a small liberal arts college located in Middelburg in the Netherlands
* Ra, Fiji, a province of Fiji
* Roosna-Alliku, Estonia

* Ra, the Sun-god of Ancient Egypt.
* Color rendering index The color rendering index (RA) is measured on a scale of 1 to 100. Light with just a single colour has a RA of 1 while natural sunlight has a RA of 100
* Ra (kana), the Japanese kana ら and ラ
* Radio altimeter
* Radium or Ra on the periodic table
* Ra (board game), a board game for three to five players designed by Reiner Knizia and based on ancient Egyptian culture
* Relation algebra, a type of mathematical structure
* RemoteAccess BBS software
* Resettlement Administration, a New Deal program under Franklin D. Roosevelt
* Resident Advisor, an online electronic music magazine dedicated to the global dance music scene
* Rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the joints
* Right ascension, an astronomical term for one of the two coordinates of a point on the celestial sphere when using the equatorial coordinate system
* Right atrium, one of the four chambers of the heart
* "Rocket Arena", a free mod for the multiplayer first-person shooter Quake series
* Nepal Airlines, IATA code
* A half-step below Re on the solfege musical scale
* Ra I and Ra II, reed boats used by Thor Heyerdahl's transatlantic expeditions
* Rayleigh number, in physics
* The Winged Dragon of Ra, from the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh franchise
* Ra Cailum class battleship, a class of spaceships in the Gundam anime universe
* The file extension of a RealAudio file
* The abbreviation for or its sequel
* The irreverent "Religious Advisor" of a Hash House Harriers club
* Ra (album), the first studio album by the group Utopia
* RA0 to RA4 are ISO 217 standard paper sizes
* Radhiallahu 'anhu
* Retinol also known as retinoic acid (RA)
* Réseau Albert - a group of metre gauge railways centred on Albert, Somme in France
* SJ Ra, a Swedish locomotive

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