Hillman (disambiguation)

Hillman (disambiguation)

Hillman can mean:

* The Hillman automobile marque, models of which include:
** Hillman Minx
** Hillman Imp
** Hillman Hunter
** Hillman Avenger
* Locations including
** Hillman, Michigan
** Hillman Township, Michigan
** Hillman, Minnesota
** Hillman Township, Morrison County, Minnesota
** Hillman Township, Kanabec County, Minnesota
** Hillman, Western Australia
* People including
** Bones Hillman, the New Zealand musician
** Chris Hillman, the musician and member of The Byrds
** Darnell "Dr. Dunk" Hillman, the basketball player
** Eric Hillman, Major League baseball player
** Gracia Hillman, the chairwoman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission
** Harold Hillman, the biologist
** Harry Hillman, the athlete and Olympic medalist
** James Hillman, the psychologist and author
** Larry Hillman, NHL ice hockey player
** Mark Hillman, Colorado state treasurer
** Sidney Hillman, the labor leader and co-founder of the CIO
** William Hillman (1848-1921), English bicycle and Hillman car manufacturer
* Fictitious people including
** Richard Hillman, a character in the television drama "Coronation Street"
*Others including
**Hillman Periodicals, a magazine and comic book publishing company
**Hillman College, a fictitious historically black college in the television sitcoms "The Cosby Show" and "A Different World"

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