Plastic (disambiguation)

Plastic (disambiguation)

Plastic may refer to:

* Plastic, a polymerized material
** A thermoplastic
** A thermoset
* Any material that has plasticity
* A genotype that has phenotypic plasticity
* Plastics (group), a Japanese band
*, a community-driven message board
* The Plastic Arts
* Slang for credit cards
* "Plastic," a song by Prefuse 73 from the 2003 album "One Word Extinguisher'
* "Plastic" was the fourth and final single released from Alanis Morissette's 1991 debut album "Alanis".
* IST-Plastic, an EU's Sixth Framework Programme project
* Slang term (U.S., 1960s-1970s) for what were considered the artificial attitudes, necessities, and goals of bourgeois life. Its place has been taken recently (1990s-2000s) by the Japanese term "gomi" (rubbish)

ee also

*Plastic explosive
*Plastic surgery
*Plastique (disambiguation)
*Plastic SCM
*Plastic Bertrand Belgian Singer

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