Sino-Soviet conflict (1929)

Sino-Soviet conflict (1929)

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Sino-Soviet conflict (1929)
date=July 22, 1929 - September 9, 1929
place=Inner Manchuria
casus=Chinese violation of 1924 agreement
result=Provisions of 1924 agreement were upheld
combatant1=flag|Republic of China
combatant2=flag|Soviet Union|1923
commander1=flagicon|Republic of China Chiang Kai-Shek
commander2=flagicon|Soviet Union|1923 Vasily Blyukher

:"There was also the Sino-Soviet border conflict of 1969"

The Sino-Soviet conflict of 1929 (1929年中苏冲突) was a minor armed conflict between the Soviet Union and the Republic of China over the Manchurian Chinese Eastern Railway.

The Chinese seized the Manchurian Chinese Eastern Railway in 1929, swift Soviet military intervention quickly put an end to the crisis and forced the Chinese to accept restoration of joint Soviet-Chinese administration of the railway. [ [ Collective security] ]



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* [,9171,732704,00.html From Jul. 22, 1929 Time Magazine, C. E. R. Seized]
* [,9171,786046,00.html From Jul. 29, 1929 Time Magazine, Growling & Hissing]
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* [,9171,737756,00.html From Sep. 2, 1929 Time Magazine , Blucher v. Chiang]
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* [,9171,738186,00.html From the Dec. 2, 1929 TIME magazine, Manchuria in the Vise]
* [,9171,738251,00.html From the Dec. 9, 1929 TIME magazine "Not One Square Inch!"]
* [,9171,881861,00.html From the Dec. 16, 1929 TIME magazine, 400 Million Humiliations]

ee also

* Amur Military Flotilla
* Manchouli Incident

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