America's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

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format = Reality
runtime = 60 minutes
creator = Tyra Banks
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starring = Tyra Banks
country = USA
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first_aired = May 20, 2003
last_aired = July 15, 2003
num_episodes = 9
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"America's Next Top Model" (now retroactively known as "America's Next Top Model, Cycle 1") is a reality show hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks, which aims to find the next top fashion model. This season's catch-phrase is: "One Girl has what it takes".

This was the only season to feature a cast of 10 contestants. The international destination for the cycle was Paris, France. The prizes for this cycle was a contract with Revlon cosmetics, a contract for representation with Wilhelmina Models and a spread within "Marie Claire" magazine.

20-year-old Adrianne Curry from Joliet, Illinois became the first winner of America's Next Top Model.

Episode summaries

The Girl Who Wants It Bad

""'Original Airdate: May 20, 2003

The eight contestants selected at the semifinals arrive in New York City and are escorted to the loft apartment in the Flatotel that they will be sharing for the first half of the competition. In one room, they discover pullout mattresses underneath their beds. Two additional contestants, Giselle and Tessa, are soon added to the group after being scouted at a separate audition. After Brazilian bikini waxes have been administered to the contestants, and initial weights are recorded, the contestants head to their first photo shoot - modelling JLO by Jennifer Lopez bikinis atop a Manhattan skyscraper in frigid weather. At the first judging session, the judges feel that Elyse is too thin, and that Tessa has been taught how to pose incorrectly. They also remark that Shannon looks much better in her pictures than in front of the panel, and perhaps she has tanned too much. Finally, the judges decide to eliminate Tessa, because even though she had a strong high fashion look, they thought that she lacked the personality to be a model.

*Bottom two: Shannon Stewart & Tessa Carlson
*Eliminated: Tessa Carlson
*Featured photographer: Douglas Bizarro
*Special guests: Jon Silverman, Johnice Padila, Elizabeth Moss

The Girl Is Here To Win, Not Make Friends

""'Original Airdate: May 27, 2003

Tension erupts in the loft between the devout Christians - Robin and Shannon - and several other contestants, especially concerning Elyse's atheism and Ebony's homosexuality. This episode also contains a memorable confessional from Elyse wherein she vents her anger on the remaining contestants, especially Robin, who had earlier made a point of showing Elyse a Bible verse insulting her atheism. Giselle won the reward for doing the best on the runway, which was meeting Wyclef Jean. The second photo shoot is another bikini shoot, but this time for "Stuff" magazine. Kesse and Katie were in the bottom 2. Kesse was in there because she broke down in tears after hearing her critique and Katie is eliminated at panel as the judges felt that she was overly sexual in her photos, which limited her appeal as a model.

*Bottom two: Katie Cleary & Kesse Wallace
*Eliminated: Katie Cleary
*Special guests: Wyclef Jean, J. Alexander
*Featured photographer: Barry Hollywood

The Girl Who Gets Rushed To The Emergency Room

""'Original Airdate: June 3, 2003

The third episode begins with makeovers of all eight remaining contestants, which some girls are more enthusiastic about than others. The reward challenge involves doing the best job picking out and putting on makeup, which Elyse wins, and gets to meet some famous fashion people, including Max Tucci. She wound up picking Adrianne, Nicole, and Robin (by draw). Nicole decided not to go because she was "sick", but it was really because she wanted to talk to her boyfriend. Later it is announced that each contestant will be posing with a guest model in the week's shoot - a snake. While this terrifies many contestants, the group still manages to take strong photos as a whole. The day after the shoot, Adrianne is rushed to the hospital with severe food poisoning, and she later forces her way out of the hospital and back to the competition so as not to be automatically eliminated. At panel, Ebony is criticized for the texture of her skin, and Nicole is ousted as she is deemed not committed enough to the competition, especially after she was picked by Elyse to join her for the reward, and refused because she felt sick.

*Bottom two: Ebony Haith & Nicole Panattoni
*Eliminated: Nicole Panattoni
*Featured photographer: John Ward
*Special guests: Karen Lepine, Jon Silverman, Max Tucci, Janice Combs, Constance White, Anand Jon, Derek Kahn, Jay Manuel

The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy

""'Original Airdate: June 10, 2003

The seven remaining contestants are challenged to polish their acting skills and collaborate to shoot a television commercial for Fresh Look contact lenses, in which some of the girls struggle. The reward challenge, a line-reading challenge is won by Robin, who takes Kesse and Shannon to get a spa treatment. The other girls are left to clean the apartment while the spa experts came to them and gave them their spa treatments in the apartment. Ebony is angry with Giselle after she exhibits laziness by not helping the others clean, and asks the masseur for an impromptu massage instead. The main source of drama in this episode revolves around a visit from Ebony's girlfriend, Ka. Although most of the girls are polite and introduce themselves, Shannon and Robin choose to stay in their room and read the Bible, which Ebony takes offense to. Adrianne is actually quite social with the duo, stating that she has many gay friends back home in Illinois. The photo shoot is for Fresh Look contact lenses. At panel, several girls are given harsh criticism for their performances. Adrianne is told that her accent is too strong, and that the judges can barely hear her. However, she is safe from the bottom two, where Giselle and Ebony find themselves. The panel says that although she has amazing model potential, Giselle needs to become more self-confident. However in a shocking elimination, Ebony, the early frontrunner to many of the girls, is eliminated due to her awkward performance in the commercial and that the judges feel she had a chip on her shoulder.

*Bottom two: Ebony Haith & Giselle Samson
*Eliminated: Ebony Haith
*Featured commercial director: Loren Haynes
*Special guests: Jon Silverman, Alice Spivak, J. Alexander, Tracy Staus

The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is Killing Herself

""'Original Airdate: June 17, 2003

The girls are taught how to answer interview questions in this episode, and they have one-on-ones with a coach. While Elyse is being interviewed, the other girls gossip about her weight and talk about incidents which they believe prove that she does indeed have an eating disorder. For this week's challenge, the contestants try to impress a tough interviewer, and Elyse's candid and outspoken remarks win her the opportunity to invite one of her loved ones to New York for a brief visit. She is also told that she may choose one of her fellow contestant to share in her prize, and selects Adrianne, who breaks down into tears, stating that her mother has never been to New York and that her family has never had enough money to travel. In that week's photo shoot, to which Elyse's boyfriend Martin Crandall and Adrianne's mother show up, each model was pictured in Reebok shoes with NFL Rookie of the Year Clinton Portis. At panel, Elyse is criticized for being too thin and being a know-it-all, and Giselle is sent home at panel because she is not able to overcome her self-confidence issues, despite her modeling talent and phenomenal photo for this week.

*Bottom two: Elyse Sewell & Giselle Samson
*Eliminated: Giselle Samson
*Featured photographer: Daniel Garriga
*Special guests: Jay Manuel, Cindy Berger, Jon Silverman, Clinton Portis, Christine Curry, Derek Kahn, Steve Santagati

The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert

""'Original Airdate: June 24, 2003

The five remaining contestants - Kesse, Robin, Elyse, Shannon, and Adrianne - are then told that they will be flying to the fashion capital of the world, Paris for the remainder of the competition. Here, they have a lingerie shoot for Wonder Bra with a gorgeous male model (Brad Pinkert from Buffalo, NY), and each girl is given the opportunity to go on several "go-sees" to impress Parisian designers. Adrianne is fazed after an unwanted encounter with a Parisian man who tried to reach up her skirt while asking him for a directions and has difficulty collecting herself. At panel in an emotional elimination, Kesse and Adrianne find themselves in the bottom two for not attending all of their "go-sees", and Kesse is cut for not demonstrating enough desire to continue in the competition.

*Bottom two: Adrianne Curry & Kesse Wallace
*Eliminated: Kesse Wallace
*Featured photographer: Michel Haddi
*Special guests: Pink, Brad Pinkert, Jay Manuel, Emma Mackie, Marilyn Gauthier

The Girls Get Really Naked

""'Original Airdate: July 1, 2003

This week, the remaining four girls have their pictures taken by Tyra in an impromptu black and white photo shoot. Then, they travel to the House of Carven, the oldest couture house in Paris. They learn how to embody couture gowns with an alluring attitude.

Back in the house, the girls receive Tyra mail saying that they will have some free time in the following day. When Adrianne says she wants to visit Jim Morrison’s grave, it ignites a conflict among them, specifically with Robin who wants to go shopping.

For the week’s challenge, the girls go to Fonquet’s Restaurant and meet four gentlemen, who will be judging them in their ability to carry themselves in a couture situation. Adrianne’s shining personality charms the gentlemen and she is chosen as the winner. She picks Elyse to join in her reward which is a one night stay at the Presidential Suite in Le Méridien Hotel.

The next day, the girls arrive at Buddha Bar where they have to exaggerate their body in a nude photo shoot for Merit Diamond Jewelry. However, this does not go well with Robin and Shannon as it is against their belief, in which they decide not to participate.

The girls return to New York and share the Milan Room. At panel, Robin is accused for shaking her breast at Jay Manuel, Elyse is called first for her versatility and followed by Adrianne who takes a stellar photograph. Robin’s decision not to participate in the nude photo shoot disappoints the judges while Shannon is criticized for her inability to follow advice, although she as well does not take part in the nude photo shoot. In the end, Shannon’s outgoing personality saves her and Robin is sent home.

*Bottom two: Robin Manning & Shannon Stewart
*Eliminated: Robin Manning
*Featured photographer: Patrick Katzman
*Special guests: Pascal Millet, Derek Khan, Jay Manuel

How The Girls Got Here

""'Original Airdate: July 8, 2003

This is the recap episode.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

""'Original Airdate: July 15, 2003

In the first half of Cycle 1's finale, the three finalists were evaluated by Kimora Lee Simmons and again by the judging panel. In a surprising elimination, Elyse and Adrianne - a pair that had become close friends through the competition - were placed in the bottom two, and Elyse, the front-runner, was ousted because the judges felt her speech sometimes came across as careless and that she had not taken to heart the judges' credence in modeling being a profession that required both brains and beauty. Soon after this, Adrianne and Shannon faced off on the runway modeling Baby Phat fashions, and finally both girls faced the panel one last time. Tyra told the remaining girls that the winner would receive a contract with Revlon, a spread in Marie Claire magazine, and a contract with Wilhelmina Models. After evaluating, Tyra said that America's Next Top Model will be revealed on a large cover of fictional ANTM Magazine behind the judges' panel. The sheet draped over the picture fell down as Adrianne is declared the first winner of America's Next Top Model.

*Bottom two: Adrianne Curry & Elyse Sewell
*Eliminated: Elyse Sewell
*Final two: Adrianne Curry & Shannon Stewart
*America's Next Top Model: Adrianne Curry
*Special guest: Drew Lineham


In order of elimination

("ages stated are at time of contest")
*Tessa Carlson, 19, from Chicago, Illinois
*Katie Cleary, 21, from Glenview, Illinois
*Nicole Panattoni, 22, from Rancho Murrieta, California
*Ebony Haith, 24, from Harlem, New York
*Giselle Samson, 18, from Corona, California
*Kesse Wallace, 21, from Little Rock, Arkansas
*Robynne "Robin" Manning, 26, from Memphis, Tennessee
*Elyse Sewell, 20, from Albuquerque, New Mexico
*Shannon Stewart, 18, from Franklin, Ohio (runner-up)
*Adrianne Curry, 20, from Joliet, Illinois (winner)


Cycle 1 Call-out order

:colorbox|#75A1D0 The contestant won the reward challenge:colorbox|violet The contestant was eliminated:colorbox|darkblue The contestant did not participate in the photo shoot:colorbox|teal The contestant did not participate in the photo shoot and was eliminated:colorbox|darkgreen The contestant was scouted at a separate audition and later added into the cast:colorbox|limegreen The contestant won the competition

*In episode 1, the pool of 20 girls was reduced to 8 who would move on to the actual competition. Later, 2 more girls were scouted at a separate audition and introduced to the cast, bringing the final number to 10 contestants.
*Episode 8 was the recap episode.


*Nicole: Straightened
*Ebony: Tuft of hair shaved
*Giselle: Layered with red highlights
*Kesse: "Tyra Banks" 1992 inspired hair extensions
*Robin: Long brown weave, eyebrows dyed light brown
*Elyse: Black pixie haircut
*Shannon: Bleached hair extensions
*Adrianne: Long brown weave

Photo Shoot Guide

*Episode 1 Photo Shoot: JLO by Jennifer Lopez Rooftop Swimwear Shoot
*Episode 2 Photo Shoot: "Stuff" Swimwear
*Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Extreme Beauty Shoot with Snakes
*Episode 4 Commercial: Fresh Look Contact Lenses
*Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Reebok Ad with Clinton Portis
*Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Wonder Bra
*Episode 7 Photo Shoots: Nude Merit Diamonds; Black & White Beauty Shot


*Tyra Banks
*Janice Dickinson
*Kimora Lee Simmons
*Beau Quillian

Cycle Statistics

*Total number of contestants: 10
*Oldest contestant: Robin Manning, 26 years old
*Youngest contestants: Giselle Samson & Shannon Stewart, both 18 years old
*Tallest contestant: Nicole Panattoni, 5'11" (180 cm)
*Shortest contestants: Kesse Wallace, Robin Manning & Tessa Carlson, all 5'9" (175 cm)
*Heaviest contestant: Robin Manning, 160 lb (73 kg)
*Lightest contestant: Elyse Sewell, 114 lb (52 kg)
*Contestant with the most collective challenge wins: Elyse Sewell, 2 wins
*Top 3's call-out mean (excluding semifinals and final judging panel): Adrianne Curry - 3.25, Shannon Stewart - 3.13, Elyse Sewell - 3.0
*Top 3's call-out median (excluding semifinals and final judging panel): Adrianne Curry - 3.5, Shannon Stewart - 2.5, Elyse Sewell - 2.5
*Contestants with the most consecutive first call-outs: Elyse Sewell & Shannon Stewart, both 2 times
*Contestant with the most collective first call-outs: Shannon Stewart, 3 times
*Contestants with the most consecutive bottom two appearances: Ebony Haith & Giselle Samson, both 2 times
*Contestants with the most collective bottom two appearances: Adrianne Curry, Ebony Haith, Elyse Sewell, Giselle Samson, Kesse Wallace & Shannon Stewart, all 2 times


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