Liberal Party (Puerto Rico)

Liberal Party (Puerto Rico)

The Liberal Party ( _es. Partido Liberal) was a political party in Puerto Rico.

The Liberal Party was formed in 1932 as a formal unification of the groups aligned in the "Alianza". The Liberals generally supported the policies of the New Deal and sought to translate the programs to Puerto Rico. It was the strongest single party between 1932 and 1940. However, it was prevented from taking power by the Coalición, an alliance of the Republican Party and the Socialist Party.

Luis Muñoz Marín, the son of a former Resident Commissioner, was expelled from the Liberal Party on May 31, 1937. He formed the "Partido Liberal, Neto, Auténtico y Completo" ("Clear, Authentic and Complete Liberal Party"), which later became the Popular Democratic Party (PPD). In the years that followed, the Liberal Party lost its base of support to the PPD. The Liberals only survived as an electoral force through 1944.

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