Lockington rail crash

Lockington rail crash

. Eight passengers on the train, and a boy of 11 in the van, lost their lives.

Level crossing accidents are not uncommon, but usually the train is less affected than the road vehicle. At Lockington, however, the relatively light diesel multiple unit was derailed by the impact.

The level crossing was of the open type without barriers (known as an AOCR - Automatic Open Crossing, Remotely Monitored), having recently been converted from the traditional wooden gates. It was concluded that, as the driver had turned on to the road from an adjacent driveway, the red flashing lights had not caught his attention in the same way as if he had been approaching along the road. Policy on installing open crossings was reviewed as a result of the accident.

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* [http://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/docSummary.php?docID=399 Official accident report courtesy of the Railways Archive]

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