Hachinohe Station

Hachinohe Station

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caption=West entrance of Hachinohe Station
address= Shiriuchi-machi
jaloc= 八戸市尻内町舘田
open= 1891
line=Tōhoku Shinkansen, Tōhoku Main Line, Hachinohe Line, Aoimori Railway Line
operator=East Japan Railway Company
Aoimori Railway
Nihongo|Hachinohe Station|八戸駅|Hachinohe Eki is a railway station on the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and Aoimori Railway. It is located in Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan.


*JR East
**Tōhoku Shinkansen
**Tōhoku Main Line
**Hachinohe Line
*Aoimori Railway
**Aoimori Railway Line


The station has five platforms serving nine lines. They are used as follows.

Surrounding area

*Hachinohe Station building "Umineko plaza"
**Hotel Mets Hachinohe
*Hachinohe area stockbroker Sangho Shinko center "Yutori"
**Hachinohe-Ekimae post office
*Hachinohe Red Cross hospital


*September 1, 1891: nihongo|Shiriuchi Station|尻内駅 is opened on the Aomori Line
*January 4, 1894: Service on the Hachinohe Line is started
*April 1, 1971: Station name is changed to Hachinohe Station. The station previously named Hachinohe Station is renamed Hon-Hachinohe Station.
*July 1, 2002: The new station building (including the shinkansen) is opened
*December 12, 2002: The Tōhoku Shinkansen is extended to Hachinohe Station.

Connecting bus routes

*JR Bus Tōhoku
**For Lake Towada
*Nanbu Bus
**For Gonohe
**For Konakano Bus Center via Yōka-machi
*Towada Kanko Bus
**For Towada via Shimoda and Rokunohe
**For Mikka-machi
*Hachonohe City Bus
**For Asahigaoka Bus office via Mikka-machi

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* [http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/stations/e1230.html Hachinohe Station map] en icon
* [http://www.jreast.co.jp/estation/station/info.aspx?StationCd=1230 JR East station information page] ja icon

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