Blitz, German for "lightning" or "very fast", may refer to:

Armed Conflict

*Blitzkrieg, the "very fast executed war", a strategy of World War 2 Germany.
*The Blitz, the German aerial attacks on Britain in WWII. The name "Blitz" was subsequently applied to many individual bombing campaigns or attacks.
**Baedeker Blitz, the German reprisal bombing of strategically unimportant, but picturesque, British cities.
**Barrow Blitz
**Belfast Blitz (1941)
**Belfast Bomb Blitz (1972), better known as Bloody Friday. The Provisional IRA set off 22 bombs in Belfast, killing 9 people.
**Birmingham Blitz
**Bristol Blitz
**Cardiff Blitz
**Coventry Blitz
**Clydebank Blitz
**Greenock Blitz
**Hull Blitz
**Liverpool Blitz
**Manchester Blitz
**Plymouth Blitz
**Rotterdam Blitz
**Sheffield Blitz


*Andy Blitz (1971-), writer, actor and comedian.
*Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, American, thrash metal musician.
*David Blitz, philosopher.
*Maurice Blitz (1891 – 1975), Belgian Olympic water polo player.
*Gérard Blitz (entrepreneur) (1912 - 1990) - founder of Club Med.
*Gérard Blitz (sportsman) (1901 - 1979) - swimming and waterpolo Olympic medalist
*Jeffrey Blitz, American film director and screenwriter.
*Johnny Blitz, punk rock drummer.
*Julien Paul Blitz (1885–1951), a Belgian-American conductor.
*Phil Blitz, professional wrestler.
*Rayner Blitz (1968-), cricketer.
*Simon Blitz, British entrepreneur.
*Urban Blitz, British rock musician.
*Wilhelm Biltz (1877-1943), German chemist and scientific editor.


*Blitz BASIC, a dialect of the BASIC programming language.
*BlitzMail, the internal e-mail network at Dartmouth College.
*Blitz++, a C++ class library for scientific computing.
*Blitz QFD

Computer Games

*Blue Wing Blitz
*Blitz (Computer Game), a bombing game for the Commodore PET.
*Blitz 1941, WW2 based, massively multiplayer, online, real-time strategy game.
*, an American football game series developed by Midway Games after the National Football League signed an exclusive licensing deal with Electronic Arts.
*Cannonball Blitz
*Cray Blitz, chess program for the Cray supercomputer.
*"London Blitz" (computer game), a 1983 strategy game for the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64.
*Goal Line Blitz, massively multiplayer, online, American football game.
*NFL Blitz, an American football game series developed by Midway Games.
*Blitz - The name of the ultraviolent sport in the game Deathrow for the Xbox.


American Football

*Blitz (NFL Mascot), the mascot of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.
*Blitz (American football), a defensive maneuver in American football.
*Bakersfield Blitz, former arena football team.
*Corner Blitz, a group of Michigan State University supporters.
*Chicago Blitz, a USFL American football team.
*London Blitz (American football), a London-based American football team.
*Montreal Blitz, women's American football team.
*Plymouth Blitz (BCAFL), Plymouth University, American football team.
*Syracuse Blitz, former PIFL team.
*The Blitz (television), a TV show on ESPNEWS.
*Zone Blitz, a defensive maneuver in American football.

Other Sports

*Blitz, a two-hand technique in semicontact fighting sports.
*SV Blitz Breslau, former German soccer team.
*Utah Blitzz, former professional soccer team


*Blitz! (musical), a musical by Lionel Bart based on The Blitz.
*Blitz (band), a British punk rock band.
*Blitz (Brazilian band), a new wave Brazilian band from the 1980's.
*Blitz (newspaper), a Portuguese music newspaper.
*Ballroom Blitz, song first recorded by the band Sweet.
*Gods of Blitz, German rock band.
*WBZX, 99.7 "The Blitz", common call term used for the Columbus, OH radio station WBZX.


*Arado Ar 234 "Blitz", a German, World War 2, jet bomber.
*Bedford Blitz, a truck manufactured by Bedford Vehicles.
*Bertone Blitz, a 1992 electric sports car.
*Opel Blitz, a German light truck built from 1930 to 1973.
*Blitz, nickname for both Ford and Chevrolet Canadian Military Pattern trucks made for use in WW2.

Toys and Games

*Alpha Blitz, word game.
*Blitz chess, a chess game allowing only 5 minutes for each player.
*Blitz (game), card game.
*Dutch Blitz, card game.
*Blitz (Beanie Baby), American football themed, Beanie Baby; produced by Ty, Inc..

Fictional Characters

*Blitz, the alter-ego of the character George in the web comic Bob and George.
*Blitz (character), a fictional anthropomorphic doberman from the action/comedy cartoon "Road Rovers"
*Blitz, a robot dog from the cartoon, Bowser and Blitz.
*Zorin Blitz, character from the Manga Hellsing.


*Blitz Games, British computer games company.
*Blitz Soft, a Romanian software company.
*Blitz Research, New Zealand software company.


*All-Star Blitz, 1985, television game-show.
*Alpen Blitz, roller-coaster,
*Blitz, a 1980s night club in London, see Blitz Kids.
*"Blitz", the codename of the East German spy, Hüseyin Yıldırım.
*Blitz (movement), a radical youth movement in Norway. They are often compared to the UK anarchists from the 1970's.
*Blitz (magazine), a weekly "what's on" magazine published by Arc @ UNSW at the University of New South Wales.
*Blitz Wolf, 1942, anti-German animation.
*Domestic Blitz, Australian television programme.
*Sportz Blitz, television sports program.
*The Weekly Blitz, a weekly Bangladeshi newspaper edited by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury.

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