Bob and Larry's How to Draw!

Bob and Larry's How to Draw!

name = Bob and Larry's How to Draw!

caption = DVD cover
writer = Mike Nawrocki,
Tim Hodge,
Gail Schenbaum
director = Steve Hullfish,
Brian Roberts
distributor = Sony Wonder
producer = Steve Hullfish
starring = Tim Hodge,
Tom Owens,
Greg Hardin,
Joe Sapulich,
Mike Nawrocki
music = Kurt Heinecke,
Steve Hullfish,
Mike Nawrocki
released = 2004
runtime = 90 minutes
language = English
preceded_by = "A Snoodle's Tale"
followed_by = "Sumo of the Opera"
imdb_id =

"Bob and Larry's How to Draw!" is the 23rd episode of the "VeggieTales" series. It is a ninety minute DVD where the artists at Big Idea Productions show viewers how to draw a dozen different characters from the "VeggieTales" series including Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, and others. It was released in 2004 at the same time as the "Holiday Double Feature" and is only available on DVD format.


The episode begins with Larry the Cucumber standing on the countertop with an easel. He announces the inception of the "Society for the Promotion of the Artistic Rendering of Fruits and Vegetables" and make Joe Spadaford the president of SPARFV (when Larry says "SPARFVV"'). Joe Spadaford appears on Qwerty's screen where he stands by an easel before a room of children.

Joe Spadaford hosts the show from here, either drawing the characters himself or cutting to one of the other artists who do the sketching. Other Big Idea artists appearing are: Chuck Vollmer, and Brain K. Roberts.

Throughout the episode Larry makes frequent countertop appearances and grows increasingly discouraged that they have not drawn me yet. Eventually he announces that he is leaving, but, dressed as a tin man; Joe Spadaford has an idea to draw a tin man (from "The Wizard of Ha's").

Cast of Characters

The only "VeggieTales" character to appear in this video is Larry the Cucumber, who plays himself in the countertop sequences. The remainder of the episode is live-action film featuring the artists noted above.


This episode does not contain the "VeggieTales Theme" or "What We Have Learned". It does include the following songs:

* "How to Draw Me", sung by Larry the Cucumber
* "President Tim and the Kids", sung by Larry the Cucumber

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