Nevada Senate

Nevada Senate
Nevada State Senate
Nevada State Legislature
Type Upper house
Term limits 3 terms (12 years)
New session started February 7, 2011
President of the Senate Brian Krolicki, (R)
since January 20, 2007
President Pro Tempore of the Senate Michael A. Schneider, (D)
since February 6, 2009
Majority Leader Steven Horsford, (D)
since February 6, 2009
Minority Leader Mike McGinness, (R)
since February 7, 2011
Members 21
Political groups Democratic Party (11)
Republican Party (10)
Length of term 4 years
Authority Article 4, Nevada Constitution
Salary $146.90/day + per diem
Last election November 2, 2010
(11 seats)
Next election November 6, 2012
(10 seats)
Redistricting Legislative Control
Meeting place
State Senate Chamber
Nevada State Capitol
Carson City, Nevada
Nevada State Senate

The Nevada Senate is the upper house of the Nevada Legislature, the state legislature of U.S. state of Nevada. The Senate consists of 21 members from 19 districts, two of which are multimember. Each senator represented approximately 94,700 people as of the 2000 census, although 2006 Census Bureau estimates suggest an average population of 118,800 per senator. Senators serve four-year terms. Term limits, limiting senators to three 4-year terms (12 years), took effect in 2010. Seven senators were termed out in 2010 and four will be termed out in 2012.

The Senate met at the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City until 1971, when a separate Legislative Building was constructed south of the Capitol. The Legislative Building was expanded in 1997 to its current appearance to accommodate the growing Legislature.



76th Legislature (2011-2012)

Following the 2008 election, Democrats took control of the Nevada Senate for the first time since 1993.

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 11 10 21 0
Begin 11 10 21 0
January 15, 2011[1] 9 20 1
January 18, 2011[2] 10 21 0
Latest voting share 52.4% 47.6%

Leadership of the Senate

The President of the Senate is the body's highest officer, although they only vote in the case of a tie, and only on procedural matters. The Lieutenant Governor of Nevada serves as Senate President. In their absence, the President Pro Tempore presides and has the power to make commission and committee appointments. The President Pro Tempore is elected to the position by the majority party. The other partisan Senate leadership positions, such as the Majority and Minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses to head their parties in the chamber.

The President of the Senate is Nevada Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki of the Republican Party.

The Secretary of the Senate is David Byerman. The Secretary of the Senate serves as the Parliamentarian and Chief Administrative Officer of the Nevada Senate.[3] The Secretary of the Senate is a non-member officer of the body, elected by the members.

Position Name Party District
President of the Senate/Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki Republican
President pro tempore Michael A. Schneider Democratic Clark 11
Majority Leader Steven Horsford Democratic Clark 4
Assistant Majority Leader Valerie Wiener Democratic Clark 3
Majority Whip John J. Lee Democratic Clark 1
Minority Leader Mike McGinness Republican Central Nevada
Assistant Minority Leader Barbara Cegavske Republican Clark 8
Minority Whip James Settelmeyer Republican Capital

Members of the 76th Senate

Name Party Residence District First Elected Seat up
James Settelmeyer Rep Minden Capital 2010 2014
Mike McGinness Rep Fallon Central Nevada 1992 2012
John Jay Lee Dem North Las Vegas Clark 1 2004 2012
Mo Denis Dem Las Vegas Clark 2 2010 2014
Valerie Wiener Dem Las Vegas Clark 3 1996 2012
Steven Horsford Dem North Las Vegas Clark 4 2004 2012
Shirley Breeden Dem Henderson Clark 5 (A) 2008 2014
Michael Roberson Rep Las Vegas Clark 5 (B) 2010 2014
Allison Copening Dem Las Vegas Clark 6 2008 2012
David Parks Dem Las Vegas Clark 7 (A) 2008 2012
Mark Manendo Dem Las Vegas Clark 7 (B) 2010 2014
Barbara Cegavske Rep Las Vegas Clark 8 2002 2014
Elizabeth Halseth Rep Las Vegas Clark 9 2010 2014
Ruben Kihuen Dem Las Vegas Clark 10 2010 2014
Michael Schneider Dem Las Vegas Clark 11 1996 2012
Joe Hardy Rep Boulder City Clark 12 2010 2014
Dean Rhoads Rep Tuscarora Rural Nevada 1984 2012
Sheila Leslie Dem Reno Washoe 1 2010 2014
Don Gustavson Rep Sparks Washoe 2 2010 2014
Greg Brower Rep Reno Washoe 3 2011[4] 2012
Ben Kieckhefer Rep Reno Washoe 4 2010 2014

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  1. ^ Republican William Raggio (Washoe 3) resigned.
  2. ^ Republican Greg Brower (Washoe 3) replaces Raggio.
  3. ^ [1]
  4. ^ Was appointed to fill the remainder of the term of Bill Raggio

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