Camping (disambiguation)

Camping (disambiguation)

Camping is a recreational activity .

Camping may also mean:

*Summer camping, an American children's activity
*Backpacking (wilderness), hiking and camping overnight in backcountry
*Camping (computer gaming), staying in one spot with a tactical advantage in a computer or video game
*Camping (game), a team ball game played in Mediaeval England, a forerunner of football
*Camping (computing), holding a spot on a server that allows only a limited number of users
*Camping (microframework), a microframework for writing web applications, a simpler approach than Ruby on Rails
*A feature on a PBX telephone system that when a user of the system wants to call an extension that is busy, the PBX will then alert the caller when the extension they want to call becomes free. This is similar to last call return or "*69" feature on ordinary telephones.
*Carry On Camping, a 1968 film.
*Camping Cosmos, a 1996 film.
* The word 'camping' is used in most European countries as a loanword, to mean campground.

People named Camping:

*Harold Camping, Christian radio preacher, founder of Family Radio

See also:
* Camp

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