Salamander (anime)

Salamander (anime)

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name = Salamander

caption = "Salamander", volume 1 cover
ja_name = 沙羅曼蛇
ja_name_trans = Saramanda
genre = Adventure, Science fiction
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title = Salamander
director = Hisayuki Toriumi
studio =
episodes = 3
released = 1988

nihongo|"Salamander"|沙羅曼蛇|Saramanda is an 1988 OVA miniseries based on Konami's arcade game, "Salamander". There were three volumes released on VHS and Laserdisc.The series is not canon however; as the MSX Gradius series states that the events with Gofer takes place over two-hundred years after the crisis with Zelos and his Salamander Armada; and the characters Dr. Venom, David Burton, James Burton, Iggy Rock, or Zowie Scott is neither seen or mentioned in the OVA. Vic Viper(s) and the Lord British does appear in the anime though.


*Vol. 1: nihongo|Salamander|沙羅曼蛇|Saramanda (based on Salamander)
*Vol. 2: nihongo|Salamander: Meditating Paola|沙羅曼蛇 瞑想のパオラ|Saramanda Meisō no Paora (based on Gradius)
*Vol. 3: nihongo|Salamander: Gofer's Ambition|沙羅曼蛇III ゴーファーの野望|Saramanda Gōfā no Yabō (based on )

Voice cast

* Noriko Hidaka .... Stephanie
* Wataru Inoue .... Eddy
* Sumi Shimamoto .... Paola
* Kōji Tsujitani .... Dan

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