Quadrant (magazine)

Quadrant (magazine)

Infobox Newspaper
name = Quadrant
type = Monthly journal
format = Magazine
foundation = 1956
political = Conservative
editor = Keith Windschuttle
price = $8.50
owners = Quadrant Magazine Co. Inc.
headquarters = Sydney
website = [http://www.quadrant.org.au/ www.quadrant.org.au]

"Quadrant" is an Australian literary and cultural journal.

The magazine is generally described as conservative. Quadrant describes itself as sceptical of 'unthinking Leftism, or political correctness, and its "smelly little orthodoxies"'. [cite web
url= http://www.quadrant.org.au/php/about.php
title= About Quadrant Magazine
accessdaymonth= 15 June
accessyear= 2008
quote= Its stance is often described as conservative, neo-conservative, or rightwing. In fact it is not necessarily any of these things, but maintains a sceptical approach to unthinking Leftism, or political correctness, and its "smelly little orthodoxies".

Quadrant reviews literature, as well as featuring essays on ideas and topics such as politics, history, universities, and the arts. It also publishes poetry and short stories. It is published ten times per year and retails for a cover price of AU$8.50.

Keith Windschuttle has been editor of the magazine since the end of 2007. [ [http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/windschuttle-to-edit-quadrant/2007/10/24/1192941074501.html Windschuttle to edit Quadrant, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 October 2007] ]


The magazine was founded in 1956 by Richard Krygier, a Polish-Jewish refugee who had been active in social-democrat politics in Europe and James McAuley, a Catholic poet, famous for the anti-modernist Ern Malley hoax. An initiative of the Australian Committee for Cultural Freedom, the Australian arm of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, Quadrant was part of an anti-Communist "kulturkampf".

It has always been sympathetic to Aboriginal rightsFact|date=June 2008 and was opposed to South African apartheidFact|date=June 2008. It has had many notable contributors including Les Murray its current poetry editor, Christopher Koch, Patrick O'Brien, Frank Knopfelmacher, A. D. Hope, Greg Sheridan, Barry Humphries, Peter Coleman, Roger Sandall, Tom Switzer, Peter Kocan, Andrew Lansdown, and Hal Colebatch, as well as several Labor and Liberal political figures (including former Prime Minister John Howard and former Labor Senator John Wheeldon).

When Robert Manne was editor in the 1990s, the magazine moved sharply to the left.Fact|date=August 2008 However, Manne resigned in 1997 because of opposition to his perceived move to the left. Manne was succeeded by journalist and self-described contrarian Padraic McGuinness who resigned in late 2007 (shortly before his death) and was succeeded by the historian Keith Windschuttle. [ [http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/articles/literarymagazines/ Department of Culture and Recreation - Australian Literary Magazines] ]

Editorial Staff

*Literary Editor: Les Murray
*Deputy Editor: George Thomas

Editorial Advisory Board

*Bill Hayden (Chair)
*David Armstrong
*Peter Coleman (former editor)
*Miranda Devine
*Christopher Pearson
*Imre Salusinszky

"Chairman of Management Committee:" Elizabeth Prior Jonson


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External links

* [http://www.quadrant.org.au/ Quadrant Magazine]
* [http://jacketmagazine.com/12/pybus-quad.html A history of Quadrant] from a "highly controversial" communist viewpoint
* [http://www.quadrant.org.au/php/article_view.php?article_id=2022 An interview] with Peter Coleman, former editor of Quadrant, looking back on the magazine's first fifty years
* [http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/articles/literarymagazines/ Australian Literary Magazines - Australia's cultural portal - Dept of Culture and Recreation website]
* [http://www.abc.net.au/rn/counterpoint/stories/2006/1743306.htm ABC Counterpoint reviews 50 years of Quadrant magazine]

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