Meckel's cave

Meckel's cave

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Latin = cavum Meckelii, cavum trigeminale
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GrayPage = 886

Caption = The otic ganglion and its branches.

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The trigeminal ganglion occupies a cavity called Meckel's cave (trigeminal cave, "cavum trigeminale") in the dura mater covering the trigeminal impression near the apex of the petrous part of the temporal bone. It is bounded by the dura overlying four structures:

1. The cerebellar tentorium (tentorium cerebelli) superolaterally
2. The lateral wall of the cavernous sinus superomedially
3. The clivus medially
4. The posterior petrous face inferolaterally

It houses the trigeminal ganglion (also known as the gasserian ganglion)

It is named for Johann Friedrich Meckel, the Elder. [WhoNamedIt|synd|2133] [J. F. Meckel. Tractatus anatomico physiologicus de quinto pare nervorum cerebri. Göttingen 1748.]


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