Rolando Florián Féliz

Rolando Florián Féliz

Rolando Florián Féliz considered the most dangerous drug trafficker ever convicted in the Dominican Republic, currently being held in Najayo Penitentiary’s maximum security facility since May 1996. [Dominican Today, April 7, 2006] Florián Féliz was also convicted for the murder of Víctor Augusto Féliz, son of the reformist leader and ex- senator of Barahona, Augusto Féliz Matos.

During December of 2005, a San Cristóbal Province judge ordered Florián Féliz’s incarceration in the cellblock with common prisoners at Najayo Penitentiary, in the wake of the discovery of a second tunnel through which the inmate presumably planned to escape. The finding was made during the works to remodel the prison at Monte Plata. Ironically, the discovery resulted from Florián’s own request for transference, alleging that he was being treated in violation of penitentiary rules, including his being held in a maximum security cell, being kept from attending Sunday Mass and denied visitors. [Dominican Today, December 15, 2005]

In the April 2006 extradition request for the moneychanger Euleterio Guante, the U.S. Government included Juan Danilo Florián Féliz, brother of Rolando Florián Féliz. The U.S. also requested Francisco Féliz and another man known only as Edwin ("El Flaco"), charged with utilizing Dominican territory to introduce drugs to Puerto Rico by ship. According to a case prepared by the National District Prosecutor, on April, 2003 Guante participated in transporting 1,451 kilos of cocaine to Puerto Rico, along with Pedro Alberto Ubiera Jiménez, Angel Cuevas Guillén, Quirino Paulino, Francisco Fortune Maconi Diaz, one known only as Kiko and others declared fugitives. [Dominican Today, April 7, 2006]


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