Big Brother México

Big Brother México

"Big Brother México" is a reality television series based on the international "Big Brother" format produced in the Netherlands by Endemol. "Big Brother México" was launched by Televisa in 2002. Before its debut, the idea of being watched twenty-four hours a day by a camera was shocking to some in Mexican society. The series was successful, and it was followed by a special edition called "Big Brother VIP" with Mexican celebrities from show business and even politics. [ [ "Big Brother, el evento televisivo que cambió la forma de ver la televisión en México" ("Big Brother, the television event changes the form of TV in Mexico" (in Spanish)] ]

Congressman Jorge Kahwagi, minority whip of the Mexican Green Party in the Chamber of Deputees (equivalent of the U.S. House of Representatives) of Mexico's Congress, shocked and angered many people in Mexico when he asked to be excused from his post in Congress to be sequestered for months inside the Big Brother House. Critics among colleagues and the general public accused him of dereliction of duty, discrediting his office, and seeking personal gain. [ [ "Mexican congressman juggles many roles" as retrieved December 29, 2006.] ]

During the show, late-night variety-show host, comedian, and producer Adal Ramones, also from Televisa, made a send-up of Big Brother which he called "El Gran Carnal" or "Big Bro" in Mexican slang. []


*Big Brother
**Big Brother Season 1 (2002): Adela Micha
**Big Brother Season 2 (2003): Adela Micha
**Big Brother Season 3 (2005): Verónica Castro

*Big Brother VIP
**Big Brother VIP Season 1 (2002): Víctor Trujillo
**Big Brother VIP Season 2 (2003): Verónica Castro
**Big Brother VIP Season 3 (2004): Verónica Castro
**Big Brother VIP Season 4 (2004): Verónica Castro
**Big Brother VIP Season 5 (2005): Verónica Castro


*Big Brother
**Big Brother Season 1 (2002): Rocío Cárdenas
**Big Brother Season 2 (2003): Silvia Irabien
**Big Brother Season 3 (2005): Evelyn de la Luz

*Big Brother VIP
**Big Brother VIP Season 1 (2002): Galilea Montijo
**Big Brother VIP Season 2 (2003): Omar Chaparro
**Big Brother VIP Season 3 (2004): Eduardo Videgaray
**Big Brother VIP Season 4 (2004): Roxanna Castellanos
**Big Brother VIP Season 5 (2005): Sasha Sokol

Nomination Tables

Housemates nominated one person to get two nomination points, while they voted another for one point.

eason 1 (2002)

fnb|2 This Week there were no Nominations. Instead, Sabrina won Head of Household and initially Nominated Alejandro and Óscar for Eviction, but Óscar's Nomination was Vetoed by Power of Veto winner Rodrigio, and Carolina was put up in his place.
fnb|3 This Week Alfonso, Eduardo, Mauricio, Raquel, Rodrigio and Wendy were able to Nominated for 4 Points and 2 Points, instead of the usual 2 Points and 1 Point after winning a challenge.
fnb|4 This Week the Housemate with the highest number of Nomination Points (Wendy) was Nominated and Eduardo, who was serving time in Grande Hermano Ecuador (Ecuador's version of Big Brother) Nominated one Housemate to join them - choosing Tatiana.
fnb|5 Tatiana received the most Nominations and faced the Public Vote. After this Alfonso and Tatiana (challenge winners) had to choose the second Nominee, and chose Silvia.
fnb|6 Mauricio received the most Nomination Points and was Nominated. This Week there were 2 groups; the first being Alfonso, Mauricio, Raquel and Silvia and the second Eduardo, Tony and Vanessa. The second group lost the competition lost the competition and had to Nominate one member of their own group to join Mauricio, and they chose Eduardo.
fnb|7 Silvia & Vanessa, the 2 nominated Housemates, had to nominate the third Housemate to be up for eviction, and they chose Alfonso.
fnb|8 Alfonso won immunity so he couldn’t nominate or be nominated.
fnb|9 This Week the remaining four Housemates had to rank the other three Housemates in order of preference - their least favourite receiving 3 Points, their next least favourite receiving 2 Points and their favourite receiving just one point. They Nomianted for 3 and 2 points as above (in descending order) but distributed their one points as follows: Alfonso - Tony, Eduardo - Silvia, Silvia - Eduardo and Tony - Alfonso. At the end Alfonso (7), Eduardo (6) and Silvia (6) had the most Nomination Points and faced the Public Vote.
fnb|10 All remaining Housemates face the vote to win.

Big Brother VIP 2 (2003)

fnb|11José Luis received the most nominations and had to choose the 2nd Nominee, and chose Travieso.
fnb|12Gabriela & Roberto received the most votes and had to choose the 3rd nominee, they chose Travieso.
fnb|13Adrián, Burro, Karla Omar & Yordi are initially nominated for eviction but the public voted to save one of the nominees. With 71.56% of the vote Omar was saved, to Yordi's 9.73%, Burro's 7.78%, Karla's 6.23% and Adrián 4.70%. Therefore Adrián, Borru, Karla and Yordi (not saved by the Public) will all face the Public Vote this Week.
fnb|14 Omar and Yolanda were initially Nominated. Vica and Yordi won a competition and they had to choose the 3rd nominee, choosing Roberto.
fnb|15 This Week Housemates Nominated for 3, 2 and 1 Points instead of the usual 2 & 1.
fnb|16 Nomination points were won in a task. Adrián won 8 points, Karla won 11 points, Omar won 10 points, Travieso won 12 points, Yolanda won 7 points and Yordi won 12 points. They distributed them as stated above.
fnb|17 This Week Housemates competed for Points again, but this time four of them were in teams of two. Adrián and Travieso won 10 Points (and Nominated together), Omar and Yolanda also won 10, and Nominated together. Yordi Nominated alone, with the 5 Points they won.
fnb|18 All Housemates remaining automatically face the vote to win.

Big Brother VIP3-1 (2004)


There are no future plans for an additional season of Big Brother México, as Televisa has opted to license other Endemol reality programs such as Vas o no Vas (the Mexican version of the hit show, Deal or No Deal) and Bailando por un Sueño.

Rumors have been circulating throughout December 2007 that a 4th season of the program may launch in the first quarter of 2008. As of March 2008, no show had started or been planned.


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