The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones

The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones

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Infobox Dad's Army
episode_number episode_name=013 - The Armoured Might of Lance-Corporal Jones
script=Jimmy Perry and David Croft
director=David Croft
producer=David Croft
recorded=Sunday 25/5/69
original_transmission=Thursday 11/9/69 7.30pm
length=30 minutes
viewing_figures=10.5 million
preceding=Under Fire
following=Battle School

"The Armoured Might of Lance-Corporal Jones" is the first episode of the third series of the British comedy series "Dad's Army" that was originally transmitted on Thursday 11 September 1969.


Lance Corporal Jones allows the platoon to use his butcher's van as an armoured car and Mainwaring meets the new Chief ARP Warden, Bill Hodges the greengrocer.


Following a lecture on the gases the enemy will use, Captain Mainwaring reads a communiqué sent by GHQ, which says that there isn't enough communication between the ARP and the Home Guard, so the new Chief Warden is coming to discuss co-operation. Mainwaring is disgusted to learn from Wilson that the new Chief Warden is that 'common fellow' Mr Hodges. Mainwaring believes that Hodges' occupation (a greengrocer) doesn't entitle him to be Chief Warden. Wilson agrees by saying that he has dirty finger nails. When Hodges arrives, he and Mainwaring have a brief argument about who should get the church hall on which day.

Some time afterwards, Walker talks to Jones about his delivery van. He reckons that he should lend it to Mainwaring as platoon transport. Jones is suspicious, so Walker admits that it will help his black market activities, but offers Jones petrol coupons in return. Jones reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Mainwaring congratulates Jones and Walker on their efforts with the van. Jones tells Mainwaring that it not only serves as a troop carrier and armoured car, but it also serves as an ambulance. Wilson demonstrates with some of the platoon to Mainwaring, their new embarking and disembarking strategy, which interrupts Hodges' ARP lecture. He demands to know the reason why, and is intrigued to learn that the van doubles up as an ambulance. He asks the men to come down to Saturday's air raid practice and act as stretcher-bearers for the ambulance. Mainwaring concludes the lecture by telling Jones and Walker that the van is being converted to gas.

Jones and Walker reluctantly travel to the church hall with a giant gas-bag on the roof. Jones' bayonet accidentally punctures the gas supply pipe and Jones and Walker succumb to the gas. When they recover, they learn that the gas bag is nearly empty. They reach the church hall to find it empty except for Frazer, who tells them that everyone's already at the practice. Frazer decides to use the Vicar's gas fire to refill the gas bag. The Vicar interrupts, but Frazer passes it off as filling the Vicar's gas fire.

The trio arrive at the practice, and they prepare to load an old man onto the back of the van, but Jones has left the keys at the hall. They attempt to put the old man through the window of the van, while Jones 'borrows' an irate man's bike to fetch the keys. When he arrives, they prepare to load the old man into the van, but it drives off before they can fully load him on. After two unsuccessful attempts, the old man gets up off the stretcher, declaring he'll walk to the "flippin'" hospital.


#This was the first episode to be broadcast in colour.
#The character of the "angry man" was the first television appearance of Nigel Hawthorne.
#This is the only episode to be released twice on BBC video.


Radio episode

Infobox Dad's Army
episode_number episode_name=006 - The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones
script=Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles
producer=John Dyas
recorded=Friday 6/7/73
original_transmission=Monday 4/3/74, 6.15pm
length=30 minutes
viewing_figures=0.9 million
preceding=The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage
following=Sgt. Wilson's Little Secret






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