Hosiery is knitted coverings for the legs and feet. Also referred to as legwear, hosiery describes garments worn directly on the feet and legs. The term originated as the collective term for products of which a maker or seller is termed a hosier; and those products are also known generically as hose. The term is also used for all types of knitted fabric.

Most hosiery garments are made by knitting methods. Modern hosiery is usually tight-fitting by virtue of stretchy fabrics and meshes. Older forms include binding to achieve a tight fit. Due to its close fit, most hosiery can be worn as an undergarment, but it is more commonly worn as a combined under/outer garment. [ [http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3A%20Hosiery Definitions from Google] do not necessarily limit Hosiery to undergarments. For the purposes of this category, it can include under and outer garments, eg. leggings, legwarmers.]


* Hold-ups (British English) or Thigh-high stockings (American English)
* Leggings
* Socks
* Stockings, held by a suspender belt, also known as "sussies"
* Tights (British English) or Pantyhose (American English)
* Toe socks


* TIM Bulgaria (Bulgarian fashion manufacturer of e.g. stockings)
* Gerbe (French manufacturer of e.g. stockings)
* Hosiery Association
* Oztas (Turkish manufacturer of e.g. socks)

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* Pantyhose for men
* Undergarment

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* [http://www.eberkshire.com/terms.html Hosiery terms and definitions]


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