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Berechiah is a Jewish name that occurs several times in the Bible. It is derived from Berakhah, "blessing".

People named Berechiah

In scripture

* the son of Zechariah (Hebrew prophet).

Other people with that name

* Berechiah ha-Nakdan

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* [ Entry in Bartelby Encyclopedia]

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  • BERECHIAH — (fourth cent.), Palestinian amora; sometimes referred to in the Midrash as R. Berechiah ha Kohen. His father s name was apparently Ḥiyya (Tanḥ. B. Gen. 60, cf. Lev. R. 31); was a pupil of R …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Berechiah —    Blessed by Jehovah.    1) Son of Shimea, and father of Asaph the musician (1 Chr. 6:39; 15:17).    2) One of the seven Ephraimite chieftains, son of Meshillemoth (2 Chr. 28:12).    3) The fourth of the five sons of Zerubbabel, of the royal… …   Easton's Bible Dictionary

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