John Miller

John Miller

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* John Miller (painter) (1715-1780), (Johann Sebastian Müller) German painter and engraver. Moved to London in 1744. Published "Illustratio systematis sexualis Linnaei" (1777).
* John Miller (artist) (1931–2001), English artist specializing in beach scenes
* John Miller (artist, writer, critic), American artist dealing with abject art
* John Miller (film), American film producer
* John Miller II (film), Martial Arts film actor
* John Miller (musician), (b. 1945) Broadway music coordinator and Drama Desk Award winning actor.
* John Miller (musician) (b. 1988), member of The Quintessentials
* John Miller (musician) (b. circa early 1950s), country blues guitar player, singer, songwriter, known for album First Degree Blues (Blue Goose), Lets Go RIding (Rounder)
* John Miller, Jr (bassoonist), American bassoonist, principal of the Minnesota Orchestra
* John P. Miller (b. 1976), birthname of actor and singer Austin Miller

Law, politics, and government

* John Miller (Australian politician), member of the New South Wales Parliament
* John Miller (governor) (1843–1908), Governor of North Dakota, 1889-1891
* John Miller (Mayor of Yuba City), mayor of Yuba City, California
* John Miller (Missouri) (1781–1846), Governor of Missouri, 1826-1832; U.S. Representative from Missouri, 1837-1843
* John Miller (politician) (b. 1938), U.S. Representative from Washington
* John Miller (NY congressman) (1774–1862), U.S. representative from New York
* John F. Miller (Ann Arbor mayor), mayor of Ann Arbor, Michigan (1861-1862)
* John Franklin Miller (California senator) (1831–1886), U.S. Senator from California, uncle of John Franklin Miller the Washington congressman
* John Franklin Miller (Washington representative) (1862–1936), U.S. Representatives for Washington
* John Gaines Miller (1812–1856), U.S. Representative from Missouri
* John J. Miller (politician), member of the California State Assembly from 1967 to 1978
* John K. Miller (1819–1863), U.S. Representative from Ohio
* John Ontario Miller (1857–1943), British Indian civil servant
* Sir John Miller, 2nd Baronet (1665–1721), MP for Chichester 1698-1700, 1701–1705 and 1710–1713 and Sussex 1701
* Sir John Miller, 3rd Baronet (1867–1918] ), Justice of the Peace and magistrate for Kent, 1889

Literature and journalism

* John Miller (journalist), Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the FBI and former co-host of "20/20"
* John J. Miller (b. 1970), American political reporter
* John J. Miller (author) (b. 1954), science fiction author known for his work in the "Wild Cards" series


* John Miller (Medal of Honor 1863), American Civil War soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
* John Miller (Medal of Honor 1865), American Civil War soldier and Medal of Honor recipient


* John Miller (engineer), a 19th century Edinburgh-based railway engineer (Grainger & Miller)


* Dots Miller (1886–1923), baseball infielder birth name John "Dots" Miller
* J. J. Miller (b. 1933), Australian jockey and horse racing trainer
* John Miller (baseball hitter) (b. 1944), brief baseball hitter
* John Miller (pitcher) (b. 1941), brief baseball pitcher
* John Miller (footballer) (1870–1933), English footballer with Liverpool F.C.


* John Miller (Billy the Kid claimant) (c.1850–1937)
* John Miller (criminal), Maryland rapist convicted and sentenced in November 2006
* John Miller (entrepreneur) John A. Miller, (1872–1941), roller coaster designer and builder
* John Miller (seaman) (1901–1943), merchant seaman lost on the SS "Deer Lodge" when torpedoed off South Africa
* John Miller (teacher) (unknown), Chino Valley Unified School District administrator
* John D. Miller, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 2001
* John William Miller (1895–1978), American philosopher

People with variants of the name

* Johnny Miller (b. 1947), professional golfer
* Johnny Miller (bassist), bassist with the Nat King Cole Trio
* Johnny Miller (NASCAR) (b. 1965), racecar driver
* Jon Miller (b. 1951), Major League Baseball announcer
* Jon Miller (bassist) (fl. 2000s), bass guitarist
* Jonny Lee Miller (1972), English film actor

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